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The Wolverine Challenges are an exclusive Chapter 2 Season 4 set of challenges for Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 4. Once the Battle Pass has been purchased, the Wolverine Challenges will be available to complete. One challenge starts available, and more are unlocked weekly. The challenges can be completed any time until the season ends. The rewards consist of a spray, loading screen, back bling, wrap, glider, emoticon, banner, and the Wolverine outfit as well as a special ability that allows players to use Wolverine's Claws.

Missions & Rewards

Challenge Reward
Wolverine Outfit.png Investigate mysterious claw marks (3) T-T-Sprays-Season14-PreviewImages-S14-HighTowerWasabi-L.png
Berserker Barrage! Spray
Find the Loading Screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol site (1) T LS S14 HighTowerWasabi L.png
Adamantium Slash Loading Screen
Find the Sentinel Head in Dirty Docks (1) T-Icon-Backpacks-597-HightowerWasabi-L.png
Wolverine's Trophy Back Bling
Launch off all Sentinel Hands without touching the Ground (1) T-Wraps-WasabiWrap-L.png
Ferocious Wrap
Locate a Mutant Containment truck (1) T-Icon Glider-HightowerDefaultWasabiGlider-L.png
The MCG (Wolverine Vol.2 #145) Style
Defeat Wolverine (Rec. 4 Players) (1) T-Soldier-HID-841-Athena-Commando-M-HightowerWasabi-L.png
Wolverine Outfit
Damage with Wolverine's Claws (200) T-Emote-Icons-Season14-S14-HighTowerWasabi.png
Weapon X Emoticon
Regain health as Wolverine (100) T-Banners-Icons-S14-HighTowerWasabi-L.png
Wolverine's Claw Banner
Stage 1 of 2: Complete Wolverine Challenges (8) T-Icon-Emotes-E-HighTowerWasabi-L.png T-Icon-Pickaxes-HTWasabiPickaxes-L.png
Snikt! Built-In Emote and Adamantium Claws Harvesting Tool
Stage 2 of 2: Emote as Wolverine (1)