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Please note: Any websites or Youtube videos claiming to give you free V-Bucks should not be trusted under any circumstances and are trying to steal your account.
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Type Account Resource
Source Store, Quests

V-Bucks (icon: V-bucks icon.png), short for V-Bucks or V, are an in-game currency. They are used for purchasing items from the in-game V Store in Save the World, or to purchase cosmetic items from the Item Shop and the Battle Pass in Battle Royale and Creative.

Obtaining V-Bucks

  • Completing Daily Quests (exclusive to Save the World and Save the World founders).
  • Completing Storm Shield Defense missions. (exclusive to Save the World founders.)
  • Earn from Daily Rewards. (exclusive to Save the World founders.)
  • Progressing through missions in Save the World. (exclusive to Save the World founders.)
  • Purchasing V-Bucks from the store.
  • Earning V-Bucks from the Battle Pass (only in Battle Royale).
  • Winning games of Solo Showdown you can win 50,000 V-Bucks (Only in Battle Royale)