Unremarkable Shack (POI)

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Unremarkable Shack
Unremarkable Shack S5 1.png
Type Landmark
Coordinates D1
Island Apollo
Introduced Patch 11.00
Chests Treasure chest (tier 1).png T-T-Icon-BR-FactionSupplyCache.png 2 Chests
Ammo Boxes Ammo box icon.png 2 Ammo Boxes
Floor Loot Assault Rifle (SCAR) (NEW).png Medium Bullets.png Shield Potion (NEW).png New Bandages.png 6
Characters NEw Splode.png Splode(C2S5)

Unremarkable Shack is a Landmark in Battle Royale added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 1, located inside the coordinate D1. It is a wooden shack, located on a small island off the north coast of the Battle Royale mainland. It has a basement whose entrance is hidden behind a bookshelf, containing control panels. a bunker can also be found here. Also on the island is another smaller shack, like those found across the map.

Points and Sublocations

Unremarkable Shack (POI) Top View
Unremarkable Shack S5 7.png
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Unremarkable Shack S5 1.png



Challenge Challenges Reward
Visit 15 different Landmarks TNTina's Trial Season xp icon.png40,000
Search 10 Chests at Landmarks Skye's Adventure Season xp icon.png40,000
Stage 2 of 3 - Use an Upgrade Bench as Tony Stark (1) Iron Man Awakening Challenges

Map Changes


  • Unremarkable Shack was added to the map.


  • The island with the Unremarkable Shack has been completely flooded over.


  • July 24th: The water level has lowered to the point where the Unremarkable Shack has been partially revealed from the water.
  • July 27th: The water level has lowered further, revealing the rest of the Unremarkable Shack.