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Unreleased Console Bundle Outfit
Unreleased Blue Shadow Ops.png
Type Outfit
Character Model Evelynn
Item ID

This Unnamed Outfit was supposedly leaked on July 11th, 2019. It was meant to be a new PS4 console bundle outfit, but was eventually replaced by the Neo Versa outfit during development, and it's legitimacy is yet dubious. However, there are lots of evidence that this outfit was real, and not just an mockup made by someone else.

Origins & Proof

  • July 11th, 2019: Ali-A uploads a new video into his channel, claiming that he witnessed a glitch while redeeming a code for the Neo Versa bundle. The legitimacy of that claim and the supposed icon for the bundle is dubious, as Ali-A is known for his misleading content.
    • The outfit seen in the icon was an reskin of the Shadow Ops outfit, but with the usual color palette used in Playstation exclusive cosmetics. It's clothing pattern was also notably different, and included a brand new backbling.
    • Reliable dataminers such as ShiinaBr have reported about the supposed leak.
  • July 17th, 2019: With the release of Patch 9.40, the Shadow Ops outfit received a brand new "White" edit style, and a backbling called Prospect.
    • This new edit style features a clothing pattern similar to the one seen in the mysterious outfit, while striking the same pose. The Prospect backbling is also identical to the one seen in the Ali-A leak.
    • Note that before Patch 9.40, this edit style for Shadow Ops and the brand new Prospect backbling were nowhere to be seen in the files, nor were they leaked somewhere else.
  • September 4th, 2019: A massive cosmetic ID datamining occured after the Patch 10.20.2 update. It leaked a huge load of IDs of scrapped and upcoming cosmetics, such as TNTina and Dummy.
  • September 5th, 2019: Dataminers s1lox, iFireMonkey and pr1smdev, through these datamined IDs, discovered the supposed IDs for the mysterious Shadow Ops reskin and it's backbling. Being CID_417_Athena_Commando_F_StealthWhiteBlue and BID_274_StealthWhiteBlue.
    • "Stealth" is the ID used for the Shadow Ops outfit and it's reskins, such as Wonder.
    • Playstation cosmetics tend to have the keyword "blue" in their IDs.
    • An user replied to pr1smdev's post, claiming that the outfit was fake, and that it got debunked before. However, iFireMonkey replied saying that wasn't the case.
  • As of today, by digging through the Battle Royale cosmetic files, it's noticeable that the CID 417 is missing, and is skipped between the outfits 416 and 418. Same can be said to the BID 274, between backblings 273 and 275. Both IDs were supposedly for the mysterious outfit and its backbling.
    • This is not the first time an missing cosmetic is skipped in the games' files. The CID for the Galaxy Scout outfit was skipped until it got officially added into the files in Patch 13.30, July 21st, 2020.
    • Ironically, Galaxy Scout's CID was also leaked in the datamining back in September of 2019, showing that this seems to be an common occurence.
    • The mysterious outfit's ID number places it between the Season 9 cosmetics. The same season where it got leaked, and also when Neo Versa, the supposed replacement of the mysterious outfit, was released.


  • This outfit was recycled into Shadow Ops' White edit style, as both use the same clothing design, but different colors. That being one of the reasons why this outfit probably won't ever get added into the files, nor will it ever be released, as both the mysterious outfit and the Shadow Ops edit style look too similar.
    • With that being said, it's CID number will remain skipped in the files forever.
  • It's placement as the new PS4 console bundle outfit at the time was taken by the Neo Versa outfit.