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The Astronomical Event is a Live Event that took place on an island between Sweaty Sands and The Shark on the April 23 at 7PM EDT and lasted until April 25, 2020 at 6PM EDT. It is a live event in collaboration with Fortnite and Travis Scott and is a “other-worldly experience like nothing you’re ever seen”. Travis Scott’s Astronomical is a LTM as part of the Astronomical Event.

The Event

  • The event started out with Astro World moving slowly from the sky and ended up making its way to the stage with a purple meteor (or star) following it in circles, while the final part of HIGHEST IN THE ROOM played. The first beat of SICKO MODE then started playing as the purple meteor surrounding the Astro World crashed onto the right side of the stage, blowing players away from it, as a giant Travis Scott rose from the stage's debris.
  • Travis started teleporting all around Sweaty Sands as he continued singing SICKO MODE. Players then got teleported into the middle of an equalizer, sliding it down, and bouncing upon dropping onto the floor of Sweaty Sands. After going around the map with holograms of a modified Dark Vanguard in a circle, Travis then grabs star dust from the sky and crashes them together, causing an explosion.
  • The whole sky turned red as the whole map went on fire, and an amusement park formed in the background with a Ferris Wheel and a Rollercoaster on fire whilst Travis was glitching. Travis then gets struck by lightning, damaging him, thus turning him into his T-3500 edit style, as the players' character gets its walking speed a lot faster (similar to the one gained after consuming a Pepper) and the ability to walk on water as T-3500 started singing Stargazing.
  • Travis started singing goosebumps, the players received a low gravity effect (similar to the one at the CUBE's anti-gravity fields or to the one produced when a Hop Rock is consumed) and a rollercoaster started coming out of Astro World, touching the water of Sweaty Sands, and the whole map turned pitch black and all neon colors. Eventually everything turned back to normal, as T-3500 fell down backwards and the whole map gets flooded in water whilst meteors were falling down from the sky. This particular section has a Diving mechanic never before seen in the actual game.
  • Underwater, with the first beat of HIGHEST IN THE ROOM playing, Astro Jack came down from above, sinking, while Skull Trooper swam around the bottom of the "ocean".
  • The third part of Sicko Mode then started playing, and players were stuck on a grid floor sliding left and right whilst the Astro Jack kept dancing, with the Item Shop skin LLion making a cameo appearance in the background.
  • Players flew out of the map and into the sky. The background islands from Chapter 1 were visible, and Astro Jack flew while sitting on what seems to be Mars or the Moon, while a few shooting stars passed by.
  • Astro Jack then started striding around Astro World, and the purple meteor surrounding Astro World from the beginning of the event then hit its surface, as THE SCOTTS' (Travis and Kid Cudi's) brand-new song, THE SCOTTS, finished up playing.
  • The speaker shaped core in the AstroWorld began to turn purple and explode. This is possibly just a subtle nod and reference to the season 6 event.
  • Players are then teleported to what seems to be the Black Hole from the Season X event, and The Butterfly formed in front of the players' character, and took them back to the island, ending the event.

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Concert Setlist

  • HIGHEST IN THE ROOM - Travis Scott
  • SICKO MODE - Travis Scott ft. Drake
  • STARGAZING - Travis Scott
  • goosebumps - Travis Scott ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • THE SCOTTS - THE SCOTTS (Travis Scott & Kid Cudi)

Event Times

  • Thursday 23rd April 2020 (Friday 24th April 2020(UK)):
  • 7PM EDT (12AM BST)
  • 10AM EDT (3PM BST)
  • Friday 24th April 2020 (Saturday 25th April 2020(UK)):
  • 12AM EDT (5AM BST)
  • 11AM EDT (4PM BST)
  • 6PM EDT (11PM BST)


  • In total more then 12 MILLION players tuned into the Travis Scott Astronomical event (not including streamers) but in the game themselves. That is a whopping 2 MILLION+ players then the Marshmello Showtime event. And that was during the first showing which took place on 23rd April 2020 (24th April 2020(UK)) at 7PM EDT (12AM BST) alone.
  • In total over 27.7 MILLION unique players in-game participated LIVE! Which is again more then the Marshmello event.
  • In total 45.8 MILLION players tuned in across all FIVE shows in their game to create a truly Astronomical experience.



  • In the official YouTube trailer for the Astronomical Event, the Zero outfit and Dream, with the Shattered Wings Back Bling ("The Butterfly" inspired backbling) make a cameo. This hints that what was at the end of the Astronomical event, might've been the Black Hole once again.
  • It was revealed that Epic Games' staff ran the event from their homes, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Travis Scott’s Astronomical was the 2nd concert-related Live Event. The 1st being the Marshmello Concert.