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This is The Foundation (outfit) page. You might be looking for The Foundation.

The Foundation
His Sacrifice Won't Be Forgotten. Leader Of The Seven.
Rarity Victory Royale Series
Type Outfit
Set The Seven
Introduced in Chapter 2 Season 6
Character Model Unique
Voice Actor Unknown
Item ID

The Foundation is an unreleased Victory Royale Series Outfit in Battle Royale.

Cosmetic Overview

The Foundation is an averaged sized being that appears to be androidic in nature. It has multiple metal plates, as well as shoulder plating, a cover on the chest, and metal plating going down their bicep. It is currently unknown whether or not they have a human pilot, though it is most likely a robot.. Their face consists of a reticle overlay in shape similar to The Seven symbol. They have a leather plating covering their torso, as well as their right arm and left forearm. Their main color consists of a faded gray, and the reticle overlay is a bright red. The leather components are a faded brown, and the right pec is a diluted brown metal cover.


The Foundation is the leader/creator of The Seven.

Season X

The End Event

He was first referenced in The End Event when all seven members of The Seven used Rockets to destroy The Zero Point allowing The Scientist to escape The Loop. Causing The Zero Point to transform into a black hole consuming The Island and causing it to reform in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2 Season 6

The Zero Crisis Finale

His first appearance was in The Zero Crisis Finale. During the cinematic Agent Jonesy threw his Looper device into The Zero Point to try and contact The Seven. It worked causing a fragment of the Meteor to be rifted onto The Island crashing in the desert near Agent Jonesy. The Foundation then emerged from a door in the Meteor. Agent Jonesy tried to talk to him: "Look now I know you have no reason to trust me but- Oh no." The Foundation ignored him punching him twice, headbutting him before kicking him into a Zero Point Crystal. Agent Jonesy: "Genö, I can get you to Genö." The Foundation stopped attacking Agent Jonesy. The Foundation: "And The Sisters?" Agent Jonesy: "Yes I can get you all of them, I just need you to fix that." Agent Jonesy then points at The Zero Point showing The Foundation how unstable it is. The Foundation: "You've got yourself a deal- For now." He reaches out his hand to Agent Jonesy. Agent Jonesy grabs his hand he pulls him up onto his feet. Agent Jonesy: "That's very reassuring."

The cinematic ends starting the gameplay side of the event The Foundation flies up to The Zero Point in an attempt to fix it. The Foundation: "What did you do to the Zero Point?" Agent Jonesy: "Its not my fault! There was an... incident." The Foundation: "With this level of entanglement, I don't know if I can fix it." The Zero Point then created more Portals. Agent Jonesy: "More portals! That's not good, right? The Foundation: "They're not portals! Reality is breaking down!" Agent Jonesy: "So you want us to close them?" The Foundation: "What do you think?" Agent Jonesy: "Gotcha." The Foundation: "You need to hurry. Once the Zero Point starts to bloom, there's no going back." Jonesy continued to close one of the many rifts. A Reality Wave then struck, turning Agent Jonesy into the The Butterfly, reminiscent of The Butterfly Event. Agent Jonesy remarked this would complicate things. Agent Jonesy helped the player close the Portals by teleporting the player from Portal to Portal while The Foundation tirelessly worked at The Zero Point. After all the Portals were closed, The Spire emerged from underneath The Zero Point, with The Foundation housed at the top. The Foundation then sealed himself in The Zero Point to contain the blast telling Agent Jonesy to "Overload the device." Agent Jonesy activates his looper device sealing The Foundation inside The Zero Point and trapping Agent Jonesy in The Loop.