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The new office building in Tilted Towers being destroyed.

The Earthquake Event was a Live Event that took place in Season 7. Many cracks formed in the ground over a period of time, mostly focusing around what is now the Jungle Biome, probably from the pressure building up from the forming volcano. Eventually, a huge crack sweped through Tilted Towers destroying many cars and props. it made its way over to the new office building and destroyed it, creating its annual destruction for season 7.


Season 7

February 14

February 15

  • Another earthquake occurred near Lazy Links.
  • A crack has appeared near Wailing Woods.

February 16

  • A 5th crack opened up near the original.
  • A 6th earthquake created a crack near The Block.

February 17

  • A crack has formed near Dusty Diner.
  • Another crack has formed near The Block.

February 18

February 19

February 21

  • The crack near Wailing Woods has expanded.
  • Another crack has formed north of The Block.

February 22

  • A crack has formed at Lazy Links.
  • The 14th has opened up west of Lazy Links.
  • A crack appeared East of Salty Springs.

February 23

  • A crack has formed in Wailing Woods.
  • The 17th crack is now near Retail Row.

February 24

  • A crack has formed near Pleasant Park.
  • Another crack has appeared in the Desert.

February 25

  • Crack #20 has formed southeast of Salty Springs.

February 26

  • A earthquake created a crack outside Pleasant Park.
  • The 23rd crack has formed near Wailing Woods.

February 27

  • A large crack ripped through Tilted Towers, destroying the new building (again).