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The Devourer Of Worlds event was a Live Event that took place on December 1st, 2020 at 4:10 PM EDT. According to Donald Mustard, Creative Director at Epic Games, this was the largest Live event ever. The event centered around defeating Galactus, as he is known as the Devourer of Worlds.

On November 21st, 2020 the countdown for the event began to appear on the Battle Pass Challenge Table, the main lobby, and the helicarrier as Spawn Island for the season, set to end on December 1st, 2020 at 4:00 PM EST (9PM GMT). During this time, Galactus has suddenly disappeared from the sky after slowly making his way closer to the Island every day. However, he is slowly rising from the distance. At the same time, in the Battle Pass screen, a hologram of Galactus is shown, slowly rising closer to the island as he is seen in the background of the tab getting more visible daily. From November 21st to December 1st, Fortnite's socal medias began teasing the event with several posts. Sometimes, the official accounts of Marvel characters like Thor and Iron Man also replied to the posts.

The Event

The Helicarrier in which players spawned on was moved to near Retail Row. Not long after the timer hit zero, Galactus began to slowly emerge from the horizon. Once he fully emerges, he raises his left arm slowly before raising his right arm slowly. He clenches his fists and says, "Beware! I hunger!" before being struck by lightning. Galactus then spots the Helicarrier. He swipes the Helicarrier, knocking it into the ocean and knocking all players off. Iron Man comes to help the player, "Hey, welcome to the party. You look like someone who needs a jetpack. Here ya go." He then gives the player a Stark Industries Jetpack. Iron Man tells the player "We gotta stop Galactus from eating the Zero Point. You are free, right?" before flying off. Galactus then reaches for The Ruins before stopping and using his powers to remove the Zero Point destroying The Ruins. Iron Man says "Oooh! He's getting right to it! Okay. Energy readings are going berserk." Galactus begins harnessing the power of the Zero Point knocking the players back slightly. Iron Man says "By my calculations if Galactus keeps absorbing the Zero Point at that rate, uh, we'll all be looking at a full reality collapse in-- Doesn't matter. You know, the point is we've gotta move. You can drive a Battle Bus, right?" Players are then transported into the Zero Point similar to The End Event from Season X. as the screen fades to white. As the screen begins to reappear players finds themselves in a Battle Bus, loaded with Gamma Bombs, within what appears to be The Bridge. They are also surrounded by thousands of Stark Buses with Galactus of in the distance. Iron Man explains "Okay, so I took the liberty of tinkering with your reality a little bit. It's no big deal. You can thank me later. I hacked your time Loop thingy, made a few billion Battle Bus clones, and then turned them all into very powerful bombs. We need to get Galactus to eat as many buses as possible before he's done with the Zero Point. If everything goes right, it'll open a portal and send him back where he came from." Iron Man turns around to see Galactus unleashing millions of Gorgers before turning back to the player, "Hey, look. Attack Drones! Cute. You know, I was hoping we'd have an excuse to try out the Battle Bus's laser cannons. Give 'em a try". Players then take control of the Stark Bus and fly through an on rail shooter destroying Gorgers as they attack the player. While driving Iron Man says, "Oh! Almost forgot. Your lasers won't do much to the big guy but should make short work of those drones." After the second wave of Gorgers, Iron Man says "Look at that. You're a natural! Stay on target and don't explode." On the fifth wave of Gorgers, Iron Man asks, "How's the handling on that thing? I didn't really get a chance to test it, eh, so it might be a little... uh... like a bus. Bus-like." A few waves later Iron Man tells the player, "I admire that enthusiasm, but again you are driving a bomb so let's be careful out there." During this section Galactus continues to absorb the Zero Point and destroying Stark Bus's. As the player approach's Galactus The Bridge fades to black followed by it fading into the Solar System. In response Iron Man says "Wow. That is really beautiful. Also really bad. We need to get him off the Zero Point now." The player then loses control of the Stark Bus, going back to first person as Galactus prepares to destroy the Stark Bus. Iron Man says "Okay, this is funny. Don't panic but I think he spotted you. Hey, Blondie! Got a bus over here that's getting a little hot." Thor then jumps onto the Stark Bus swinging Mjolnir claiming "Fear not. I shall divert your strange War Wagon!" Iron Man responds "Plain English, Ren Faire. Driver, we're taking you up his arm. Just keep flying north and try not to let it freak you out. Okay?" as the Stark Bus flies through Galactus' fingers and into his arm as AC/DC's "Demon Fire" begins to play before the player regains control of the Stark Bus. Iron Man says "Bad news. Galactus? Definitely out to get you. Good news, I got the stereo working." Players continue to drive up Galactus' arm destroying Gorgers and dodging beams. In the distance the player can see Galactus swiping at Stark Bus's, Doctor Doom's Mystical Bombs, lasers, Stark Bus's and Gorgers exploding. As they player approaches the end of Galactus' arm they lose control of the Stark Bus as Iron Man claims "Wow, I am picking up a lot of robots. Yo. Muttonchops! Think you could, uh, give us a hand? Wolverine then jumps onto the Stark Bus telling Iron Man "Just, get me up there, bub! Wolverine then runs up to the front of the Stark Bus slashing through a stream of Gatherers in an X shape as AC/DC's "Demon Fire" ends. The Stark Bus then approaches Galactus as the camera shifts back into First Person. Galactus then begins to eat the bus's while Wolverine says "Enjoy. He's all yours!" Iron Man then flies next to the Stark Bus saying "Looks like he's taking the bait! Let's get you outta there! If this works, it's Return to Sender for all of us. And if it doesn't work... Well, we had some laughs, right? Either way, you did good." The player is then launched from the Stark Bus into space while Galactus continues to eat the bus's. The gamma bombs work and begin to form green cracks on Galactus' body. Galactus responds "No! This is not possible! Ahhh!" Green beams of light then shoot out of his body launching him into a Rift in the shaped like a butterfly. Iron Man responds "You did it! Thank you, bus driver." as the screen fades to black. A phone ringing can then be heard as it cuts to a cinematic video. John J. Jones (Agent Jonesy) is lying on the floor in his office as Imagined Order members run pass panicking, John J. Jones then wakes up confused. The screen then turns to black before showing To Be Continued... In Season Five! followed by a countdown to Chapter 2 Season 5.

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  • The event reintroduced the Nexus to the storyline, making it’s first appearance in Chapter 2.
  • Black Hole's codename (Rocky Ridge) was added back into the files under RockyRidgeV2, also likely to have been added in the Patch 14.50.
  • At the end of the event, a downtime was set at 12:00 AM ET, the start of Chapter 2 Season 5. This is the second time to have a downtime, the last time being during The End Event.
    • This was changed later to match the official release of the season (4 AM EST)
  • Near the end of the event, where planets could be seen, one of the planets was the AstroWorld from Travis Scott’s Astronomical.
  • While controlling the Battle Bus, a health bar and kill counter for the Gorgers were shown to the side. Although a player would have infinite health for the event, if a player got through the whole sequence without taking damage, the screen would show a Tony Royale.
  • During the fight against Galactus, Tony Stark plays music from the band AC/DC, which is also Tony Stark's favorite band in the Iron Man comics and films.
  • During the fight against Galactus, the player goes up Galactus' arm, which creates a scene similar to the Death Star scene from the original Star Wars film.
  • Although hardly any Battle Pass characters showed up during the event, She-Hulk, Groot, and Storm have a short appearance near the end of the event to join Iron Man and Thor.
  • At the very end of the event, we see a short cutscene of Agent Jonesy waking up after lying seemingly unconscious (for some undisclosed reason) in his office, revealed to be under The Ruins in the Season 5 trailer (with the Gateway/Vault and Zero Point being further underground) which in turn continues this short cutscene.
  • At the end of the event, when Iron Man says "Thank you, bus driver.", it is a reference to the game mechanic of thanking the bus driver.
  • Galactus is the largest Outfit model to be featured in a Live Event.
  • The Devourer Of Worlds Event was the 2nd event where the map was sucked into something. (Just not a Black Hole that destroyed the map)
  • At the beginning of the event, Galactus destroyed the Hellicarrier 64. It is the first/only live event that Spawn Island was involved in. (Not counting The End Event).
  • In the Stark Bus is a kill counter showing the amount of Gorgers destroyed.
  • The music contains parts of The End.




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