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The Browbeater
Purple gold pump.png
Shotgun: Spec Ops. A pump-action shotgun that deals high damage and knockback at a slow rate of fire. Short range and limited magazine size.
Rarity Epic
Class Shotguns
Weapon Type Spy Weapons
Source Spy Llamas
Bullet Type Shells 'n' slugs icon.png Shells 'n' Slugs
15x Planks icon.png
24x Mineral powder icon.gif
3x Rotating gizmo icon.png
8x Ore icon.gif

The Browbeater
Purple gold pump.png
Shotgun: Spec Ops. A pump-action shotgun that deals high damage and knockback at a slow rate of fire. Short range and limited magazine size.
Critical Hit Chance 15%
Critical Hit Damage +50%
Fire Rate 0.7
Magazine Size 5
Range 2048
Durability 280
Reload Time 4.4
Ammo Cost 1
Impact 1100

The Browbeater (epic)
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The Browbeater (epic)
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The Browbeater is an Epic Spy Weapon available in Save the World. Each shot fires 10 pellets.


The Browbeater is a pump-action shotgun that boasts debilitatingly high damage, with a notably poor reload speed and magazine size. This powerful shotgun is best used for single-target damage, and can deal so much damage to an extent that not even Smashers are safe from its massive damage blast.

However, the Browbeater's sluggish reload time and small magazine size limits the scope of what the weapon can do, but applied correctly, can be used to annihilate high-priority targets such as Smashers, Blasters and 'Sploders with little effort.

Other Versions


The Browbeater is available as featured loot in Spy Llamas purchased from the Vindertech Store.

Trait Synergies

The Browbeater works with and benefits from the following Hero Traits:

Icon Name Class Description
Debilitating shots icon.png Debilitating Shots Soldier Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
File:File:Adjustable choke icon.png Adjustable Choke Soldier Increases critical rating with shotguns by 8/13/18.
File:File:Advanced tactics icon.png Advanced Tactics Soldier Ranged weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.
File:File:Critical blast icon.png Critical Blast Soldier
File:File:Enduring machine icon.png Enduring Machine Constructor
File:File:Explosive rounds icon.png Explosive Rounds Soldier
File:File:Eye on the prize icon.png Eye on the Prize Outlander
File:File:Fragment generation icon.png Fragment Generation Outlander
File:File:Grenade generation icon.png Grenade Generation Soldier
File:File:In a pinch icon.png In a Pinch Soldier
File:File:Make it rain icon.png Make It Rain Soldier
File:File:Shell shock icon.png Shell Shock Soldier
File:File:Start up icon.png Start Up Soldier
File:File:Survivalist icon.png Survivalist Soldier
File:File:Waste not want not icon.png Waste Not Want Not Soldier
I love to reload! icon.png I Love to Reload! Soldier Reloading the equipped weapon increases run speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Improved headshots icon.png Improved Headshots Soldier Increases headshot damage multipler of ranged weapons by 13%/20%/27%.
Precision handling icon.png Precision Handling Outlander Hitting a headshot increases the speed of your next reload by 7%. Max 35%. Resets after reloading.
Pump it up icon.png Pump It Up Outlander Increases shotgun rate of fire by 35%.
Quick clip icon.png Quick Clip Soldier Increases reload speed by 30%.
Steady aim icon.png Steady Aim Soldier Reduces recoil by 29%.
There are many like it... icon.png There Are Many Like It... Soldier Your weapon takes 45% less durability damage while affected by War Cry.