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Taker monster.png
A small flying monster that can use portals.
Difficulty Hard
Attacks Flying charge attack. Will attack players.
Health Moderate.
Special Abilities Charges towards its target in the sky, can use portals to teleport through walls.
Weapons to use Melee or Ranged.

Takers are the cavalry-type mist monster of the storm's forces. They devastate vulnerable areas due to their ability to fly and ignore walls and ceilings. They don't truly fly except for brief moments and generally hover near the ground.

In later areas, their charge attack can be particularly devastating, able to heavily damage an unaware hero, if not outright kill them. They can be found roaming in the map starting in higher levels of the Plankerton tier and often appear during sieges in all tiers. They are especially dangerous in close quarters in interiors of fortifications or buildings. They're highly mobile and are hard to target when in motion.

They are first introduced during Stonewood Storm Shield Defense 5.


  • Swoop attack - Goes up in the air for a brief moment, then charges a targeted hero for devastating melee damage. It has a weak knockback in comparison to the Smasher's charge but has been known to kill heroes outright if not dodged properly (ie: colliding with a wall, other players, or husks).
  • Portal - Creates a small door for itself to ignore walls or ceilings, allowing it to corner and kill a hapless target.


  • When a Taker is about to charge someone, it floats in the air long enough for a concentrated burst of fire from heroes. Take advantage of the brief moment that it is stationary since it is much faster when on the move and is particularly hard to target. However, if you're the target of its charge, it's very easy to target it since it's moving in a straight line... towards you! If you're confident in your damage, stand your ground and deliver your equally devastating headshots and you're likely to take it down.
  • Avoid confined spaces. Even when Takers are not charging, their melee attacks are deadly.


  • Takers have been known to get stuck in terrain geometry from time to time. This is particularly problematic when it's tied to an encampment since it can prevent you from completing it. A workaround that may work is to approach the area that it's stuck in and deliver melee attacks, melee abilities, or area-of-effect abilities such as Air Strike.
  • Many heroes have their own nicknames for Takers that can be heard while aiming at them. For example, Jonesy refers to them as "dive bombers", while Shuriken Master Llamurai refers to them as "soul suckers".


10.20 Patch Notes (August 27, 2019)
  • New sound effects

6.21 Patch Notes (November 1, 2018 )

Bug Fixes
  • Taker now properly pushes players out of the way with swoop attack.

Patch 1.8.1 (November 1, 2017)

  • Fixed “Taker's” basic melee attack.
    • Now performs one strike instead of two.
    • Swoop damage has been increased from 162 to 250.