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Disambig.png This article is about a Tactical Weapon. For the others, see Tactical Weapons.
Tactical Assault Rifle
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Patch 9.01
Last Adjustment Patch 15.20

9.30 Content Update #1 Rare

Patch 10.00 Epic and Legendary

11.31 Content Update 3

Patch 16.00

Tactical Assault Rifle (aka John Wick's AR by the community) is an Assault Rifle available in Battle Royale. It is available in Rare, Epic and Legendary and uses Light Bullets as ammunition. The Tactical Assault Rifle is fully automatic, has a x1.75 headshot multiplier (deals 38, 40, 42 damage), and has a 30-round magazine.

The Tactical Assault Rifle's Rare variant was first vaulted on 9.30 Content Update #1 and the Epic and Legendary variants were vaulted on Patch 10.00, making it currently only available with the Playground and Creative modes. It was probably vaulted to reduce the amount of Assault Weapons or it may have been vaulted due to the John Wick crossover event being over.

In Patch 11.3, the Tactical Assault Rifle's Legendary variant has been unvaulted but is only available from Presents!. However, the Tactical Assault Rifle has been added to the vault once again due to Winterfest ending and the Presents! being vaulted as well.

The Rare, Epic and Legendary variants of the Tactical Assault Rifle were unvaulted in the Spy Games LTMs during the Spy Games event in Chapter 2, Season 2.

The Tactical Assault Rifle has been unvaulted with Patch 15.00. The Rare variant can only be obtained from defeating IO Guards, while the Epic and Legendary variants can only be obtained by letting an NPC upgrade it. In Patch 15.20, the Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle can now rarely be found from defeating IO Guards.

All variants of the Tactical Assault Rifle has been re-vaulted with Patch 16.00.


Tactical Assault Rifle
Bullet Type Light bullets icon.png
DPS 154
Damage 22
Fire Rate 7
Magazine Size 30
Reload Time 2.2
Structure Damage 22
Tactical Assault Rifle
Bullet Type Light bullets icon.png
DPS 161
Damage 23
Fire Rate 7
Magazine Size 30
Reload Time 2.1
Structure Damage 23
Tactical Assault Rifle
Bullet Type Light bullets icon.png
DPS 168
Damage 24
Fire Rate 7
Magazine Size 30
Reload Time 2.0
Structure Damage 24


  • Tactical Assault Rifle Pullout

  • Tactical Assault Rifle Shoot

  • Tactical Assault Rifle Reload

  • Tactical Assault Rifle Pickup

  • Tactical Assault Rifle Drop


Patch Rare Epic Legendary
Since 9.01 Tac-ar.png


Chapter 1

Season 9
Rarities/Ways to Obtain Chest Floor Loot Supply Drop

Chapter 2

Season 1 (Christmas)
Rarities/Ways to Obtain Presents!

Season 5
Rarities/Ways to Obtain IO Guards Upgrading with an AI


  • The weapon can serve as a cross between a Submachine Gun and an Assault Rifle: It deals moderate damage at ranges one would assign to the aforementioned weapons.
  • Unfortunately, its damage is rather low for long-range fights, in comparison to Assault Rifles that use Medium Bullets, although what it loses in damage is made up in accuracy - it is so accurate that many people called this weapon a "laser beam".
  • Being rather compact, it can be used at a certain extend on close ranges (i.e. 2 tiles away from the target), although shotguns are still recommended for much closer ranges.


Patch Notes

Patch 10.00 (1st August 2019)

Weapons + Items

9.30 Content Update #1 (25th June 2019)

Weapons + Items

  • Vaulted
    • Rare Tactical Assault Rifle

Patch 9.01 (15th May 2019)

What's New?

  • Tactical Assault Rifle
    • Tactics take the day! This robust and precise assault rifle is the ideal option for tight quarters.

Vault Log

Update/Patch Vault Unvault
9.30 Rare
10.00 Epic & Legendary
15.00 Rare, Epic & Legendary


  • This is the primary assault weapon in Battle Royale to use Light Bullets, following the Minigun.
  • This is the first weapon that does not use the built-in scope.
  • It is modeled after the Taran Tactical modified SIG-Sauer MPX John Wick uses in Parabellum. However, the MPX is not classed as an assault rifle, but rather a submachine gun, which makes the Tactical AR a bit of an oddball, as it's a submachine gun classed as an assault rifle.
  • The Tactical Assault Rifle was teased in the Season 9 Battle Pass art loading screen.
  • The Tactical Assault Rifle is the forth fastest-firing assault rifle, firing 7 bullets per second, then the Drum Gun firing 8 bullets per second, then the Midas' Drum Gun firing 10 bullets per second and the Minigun firing 12 per second.
  • The Tactical Assault Rifle has a slight extra zoom, most likely to compensate for the unused scope.
  • Its Legendary version is still available in Solid Gold.
  • Tactical Assault Rifle can be considered a Season 9 exclusive as it's released in Season 9 and vaulted for Season 10.
  • Tactical Assault Rifle is the shortest lived assault weapon in Battle Royale, as it only lasted throughout Season 9 and a bit of Chapter 2 Season 1.
  • This is the third weapon to have “tactical” on its name, the first one was the Tactical Shotgun, the second one was the Tactical Submachine Gun.
  • It was the first tactical weapon to get a Legendary variant, but in the next months, both the Tactical Shotgun and the Tactical SMG got one.
  • All the tactical weapons were never at the same time in the game. (At the 14 Days of Summer, almost all the Tactical weapons were available. But the Rare Tactical Assault Rifle was vaulted.)
  • The Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle currently has a 1.75x headshot multiplier, while the Rare and Epic variants have the standard 1.5x headshot multiplier. The reason for this is unknown, but it might just be an oversight.
  • The Tactical Assault Rifle has been done kinda dirty because of the fact the Rare variant being vaulted on 9.30 Content Update, and then the Epic and Legendary variants being vaulted on Patch 10.00. The Legendary Variant was unvaulted on Patch 11.3 only available in Presents! during Winterfest, it was vaulted again along with Presents! after Winterfest ending. The weapon was unvaulted again only to become attainable by IO Guards by eliminating them. Due to the fact that most players hate the IO Guards, they avoid them. You could only obtain the Epic variant of the weapon by upgrading from an NPC and The Legendary Variant from eliminating an IO Guard (minimum chance) or upgrading from an NPC.