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Survivor squads are collections of Survivors that give a boost to your F.O.R.T. Stats. Each squad consists of one Lead Survivor and seven "subordinate" Survivors. Stat bonuses scale with the combined power level of all survivors in the squad. Extra bonuses are granted for matching the Leader's job with the designated job for the Squad, and for matching the personality of subordinate survivors with their Leads. Matching the Leader with the correct Squad Job doubles the power level of the Lead Survivor.


Slotting survivors into Squads increases the player's F.O.R.T. Stats. Each squad is assigned a stat that it increases.

Squad Name F.O.R.T. Stat Job Match
Emt squad icon EMT Squad Fortitude icon Fortitude Lead doctor icon Doctor
Fire team alpha icon Fire Team Alpha Offense icon Offense Lead marksman icon Marksman
Corps of engineering icon Corps of Engineering Tech icon Tech Lead engineer icon Engineer
Scouting party icon Scouting Party Resistance icon Resistance Lead explorer icon Explorer
Gadgeteers icon Gadgeteers Resistance icon Resistance Lead gadgeteer icon Gadgeteer
Training team icon Training Team Fortitude icon Fortitude Lead personal trainer icon Personal Trainer
Close assault squad icon Close Assault Squad Offense icon Offense Lead martial artist icon Martial Artist
The think tank icon The Think Tank Tech icon Tech Lead inventor icon Inventor

F.O.R.T. Stat Increases[]

The F.O.R.T. stats contributed by Survivor Squads are determined by the cumulative Power Level of all survivors in each squad. Further, a variety of bonuses from matching survivors' Jobs and Personalities augments the Survivors' power levels when placed inside a Squad.

Job Bonus[]

If the Lead survivor's Job attribute matches the Job of the squad, the power level for the lead survivor is doubled.

Personality Bonus[]

If a subordinate (non-lead) survivor has the same Personality trait as the leader of their team, the subordinate gains a flat power level bonus depending on the rarity of the lead survivor. For Mythic Leads, failing to match a subordinate to the Lead results in a stat penalty.[1] This penalty can not reduce the Power Level of a Survivor below 0.

Lead Rarity Match
Uncommon +2 0
Rare +3 0
Epic +4 0
Legendary +5 0
Mythic +8 -2

Set Bonuses[]

In addition to their personalities, each subordinate survivor is randomly assigned a Set Bonus. By assigning multiple survivors with the same set bonus to the same squad, the player can gain additional stat bonuses.

Currently, these bonuses are calculated additively with the player's F.O.R.T. stats. In other words, the +5% bonus from each set is equivalent to +5 of the corresponding F.O.R.T. stat.[2]

Party Shared Stats[]

A portion of each player's total F.O.R.T. stats is shared with their teammates.

Party Shared stats are determined by taking the individual power levels of each survivor in a squad (including the leader), dividing by 5, and rounding down. This is done on a survivor by survivor basis. So a single power level 15 survivor will add 3 Party Shared points, while two survivors with power levels of 7 & 8 will only add 2 Party Shared points, even though their total power levels add to 15.

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