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Survive the Storm
Gather resources and build defenses during the day and fight to survive the night. The longer you go, the bigger your rewards. Can you make it to the end?
Genre Save the World Event
Release August 28, 2017

Survive the Storm was an event in Save the World that was released in Patch 1.5. It featured the debut of the Survive the Storm mission type, the Shielder monster type, two new Defenders, and the Storm Zone Heroes and Hydraulic Weapons sets.

Tickets and Llamas

Main article: Vindertech Store

Players earned Storm tickets icon.png Storm Tickets while playing during the Survive the Storm event. They were used to purchase Storm Llamas at the price of 1000 tickets per Llama.

Image Name Cost Caption
Storm Llama.png Storm Llama 1000 Storm tickets icon.png "Guarantees at least one Epic or better limited time Storm Zone Hero or Hydraulic Weapon."


Main article: Shielder

Survive the Storm introduced the Shielder, a small monster that floats above Husks and shields them, adding another layer of difficulty to those who wish to dispose of them quickly.

Survive the Storm

The Survive the Storm event debuted the Survive the Storm mission type. In addition to Storm tickets icon.png Storm Tickets, players were rewarded with exclusive banner icons for completing each of the three levels of Survive the Storm difficulty.

Icon Source
STWEventSurvivalStonewood.png Survive the Storm Stonewood
STWEventSurvivalCannyValley.png Survive the Storm Stonewood
STWEventSurvivalPlankerton.png Survive the Storm Plankerton

Storm Zone Heroes

Storm Zone Heroes were available from Storm Llamas during the Survive the Storm event.

Hydraulic Weapons

Weapons from Event Llamas

Quest Reward Weapons

Event Defenders

Promotional image for the new Survive the Storm defenders

Survive the Storm added two new defenders, the Male Rifleman and Female Gunslinger to the regular llama reward pool. They became available during the event and continued to be obtainable after the event ended, dropping from any regular llama that can contain defenders.

Event Quests

Main article: Event Quests
Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward

Mistakes were made

Collect Hydraulic Pistol Parts

  • Hydraulic pistol icon.pngPiston Spitter

Ctr Assault Delete

Collect Hydraulic Shotgun Parts

  • Nailer icon.pngNailer

Drawing a Blank

Collect Hydraulic Rifle Parts

  • Tsunami icon.pngTsunami