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Super Shielder
Super Shielder.png
A small purple floating mist monster that attaches itself to another, providing it a shield. Shielded target can be seen by a purple sphere surrounding it.
Difficulty Hard
Attacks None.
Health Relatively low. Health bar will appear in purple.
Special Abilities Provides enemy target with a shield.
Weapons to use Melee or Ranged.
Strong against Hover Turret, TEDDY and Shock Tower

The Super Shielder attaches to other enemies like regular Shielders, but extends it’s shield much further, protecting all enemies inside the bubble. This is a double-sides protection which means players standing inside the bubble cannot damage outside enemies either.


  • Standing inside the shield lets the player attack enemies inside it without penalty.
  • Ceiling Gas Traps can penetrate through the shield.
  • AOE Grenades (like Stink Bomb) will explode on touch, but the damage cloud will not be pulled back which is able to hurt the enemy inside the bubble.
  • Ranged piercing weapons such as Obliterator and Neon Sniper Rifle can penetrate through the shield.


Patch 5.20 (August 7, 2018)
Bug Fixes
  • The Super Shielder now correctly takes damage from those who do not have permission to build/do damage during a Storm Shield Defense.