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The Storm Shield, or "Homebase", is a map where players can build their own personal, permanent base. Players can enter their Storm Shield to build or store items at any time, and building progress will be saved even if the player leaves the mission without starting the defense phase. Players have a separate Storm Shield in each map location.

Storm Shield Defense[]

Storm Shield Defense is one of the main quest series that players must complete in order to progress through the game. Each map location has six Storm Shield Defense missions. Completing Storm Shield Defense missions increases the range of mission power levels available to the player.

Storm Shield Storage[]

In addition to the player's inventory, which is accessible during missions, players have a separate storage location in their Storm Shield that is only accessible while inside the Storm Shield map. While the Storm Shield base is unique to each map location, the player's storage inventory persists between locations. This storage starts with only 5 storage slots, but the number of slots can be increased through the Skill Trees and Research.

When players receive rewards for Expeditions that do not fit into their main inventory storage, any excess is automatically placed into the Storm Shield's storage. This can cause the player's Storm Shield inventory to exceed the maximum number of storage slots they have access to. This will not result in the loss of items, but will simply prevent the player from accepting any additional expedition rewards that would add items to their Storm Shield storage until they reduce the number of items in storage to below their storage maximum.

As of patch 3.2, Expeditions may no longer continue to add more items to the Storm Shield storage even after the maximum has been exceeded. Instead, players are prevented from claiming additional items. These excess items are not lost, they are simply inaccessible until there is room in the Storm Shield storage to accept them.[1]

Defender Squads[]

Players can designate up to five Defenders per map location to be summonable in that location's Storm Shield. These defenders do not count towards the regular 4-player cap that Mission defenders are affected by, therefore up to five Homebase Defenders may be summoned in addition to a full team of players or Mission defenders. Therefore, it is possible to have up to eight defenders in a Storm Shield Defense mission if a solo player summons all five of their Homebase defenders in addition to their three available Mission defenders.

Other info[]

There is also a giant door in a cutscene with the Vindertech logo on it which is unable to be opened.


1.5 Patch Notes (August 28, 2017)
  • Players no longer need permission to use the Constructor BASE ability and Outlander Fragments.
  • The Constructor BASE ability no longer counts toward the building total.

8.10 Patch Notes (March 12, 2019)

*Enhanced Demolition: Break buildings in your storm shield immediately and get your materials back.

8.10 Patch Notes (March 20, 2019)

*Enhanced Demolition removed