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Storm King
Storm King.png
Difficulty Madness
Attacks High damage.
Health Relatively high.
Special Abilities Lasers, meteors, throwing rocks,shockwave,and mob spawning.
Weapons to use Power Level 77 above Obliterator's, Bow's, Pulverizer Hammer or Spectral Blade, Wraith
Strong against Everything
Weak against Power level 77 and above obliterator sniper

The Storm King is a beast added in Season 7 and is a quest in Canny Valley. The Storm King is the true embodiment of the CUBE and is the largest monster in Fortnite yet (excluding The Devourer in the Season 9 live event, as it was in Battle Royale only). Defeating the boss before Jan 1st, 2019 would have got a free pin sent to you. It is highly recommended that you challenge this beast with your friends, as it is extremely difficult. It is also recommended to get a fully maxed Obliterator sniper, since it is one of the best weapons to fight him with. Once he is defeated you'll get access to the last page of Canny Valley, but his mission can be repeated anytime. Some of the best heroes to fight him with are either outlanders or ninjas, since they have abilities which help them avoid his mortal attacks, as well as hover turrets to defend yourself from the mobs he generates, which can be a real pain when having to destroy his horns. You should also use the pink pits that are found in the area to get to the other side of the map to confuse the enemy and give some time of rest. Speaking of which you should try to find a safe area at the start of the battle and place some healing traps such as campfires and healing pads. Remember that if you die you won't get another chance and will have to start from the beginning. Considering you have friends to help you, if you get knocked someone will need to pick you up since you can't revive yourself like in other missions. This boss fight is the hardest mission you can find in Canny Valley, and if you don't have anyone to help you, it's fairly recommended to search in Reddit, Discord, or in global chat for some teammates.

In season 11 the Storm king was added in the 11.10 patch for the "Fortnitemares" event from October 29th to ~~November 6th. The Storm King is only available in the "Storm King" mode for Battle Royale players. The king is on the center island and must be killed by you and the other friendly teammates that spawn with you. Destroy it's weak spots to make its horns vulnerable. After both horns are destroyed, it's shield will be down. Afterwards, shoot the King himself and destroy it. He has different attacks and abilities that he uses when battling. He has a loud roar which will clear the battle field of all ammo, materials, and items. He has a large laser attack in which he launches a beam that can almost knock out a player, and he has an attack where he can summon two creature Spawn Obelisks. If you kill it, you will be rewarded with the "Storm Sail", a cosmetic glider (umbrella) related to the storm king challenges.