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Bonuses are passive perks that activate when a hero is slotted into the squad bonus slots. The left icon indicates a Support hero and the right icon indicates a Tactical hero. Slotting them in the correct slot is important because tactical bonuses don't activate if the hero is slotted in the support slot and vice versa. While most heroes only have a support or tactical bonus, some heroes have multiple bonuses available ie: Urban Assault Soldier has Improved Headshots as a support bonus and Lucky Stars as a Tactical bonus. Matching the correct bonuses for your Primary hero slot is important in achieving victory and is another key feature that helps customize gameplay. Note that tactical bonuses require the slotted hero to at least be two-stars for it to activate.

Hero Star Level

In addition to the raw stat bonuses that the squad bonus slots provide, the tier level of the slotted hero also improves the bonuses. How much this bonus increases per additional star varies between each perk with some having no difference between tiers.

List of Bonuses

Note that the following effects are for the baseline hero and does not include most of the upgraded effects. Different heroes may share the same bonus effect but heroes with the same subclass will share the same bonus effect ie: Assassin Sarah and the Limited Edition Assassin Ken both provide the Endurance Training bonus. Generally speaking, bonuses support their shared class specialty more than anything else ie: Outlander bonuses tend to be helpful for harvesting or treasure finding while Ninja bonuses tend to be about melee combat, though there are exceptions to this rule ie: Commando Soldier's passive is for Outlanders.

Support Bonuses

Icon Name Class Type Description Requires Users
Armored icon.png Armored Soldier Support Increase Armor by 12/18/25.
Bullet bonanza icon.png Bullet Bonanza Outlander Support 10%/15%/20% extra chance to find double ammo.
Eagle eye icon.png Eagle Eye Outlander Support Increases critical rating with pistols by 18%.
Energized icon.png Energized Outlander Support Increases Energy damage by 10%/15%/20%.
24px Ability Damage Ninja Support Increases all ability damage by 10%/15%/20%.
24px Actuated Attacks Constructor Support
24px Adjustable Choke Soldier Support Increases critical rating with shotguns by 8/13/18.
24px Anatomy Lessons Ninja Support
24px Assault Crit Damage Soldier Support
24px Assault Damage Soldier Support
24px Caffeine High Ninja Support Regenerate energy 12%/18%/24% more quickly.
24px Endurance Training Ninja Support Increases maximum energy by 8%/12%/24%.
24px Fast Build Constructor Support Increases building construction speed by 12%/18%/24%.
24px Five Winds Cut Ninja Support Increases damage of edged melee weapons by 12%/18%/24%.
24px Fleet Outlander Support
24px Hammer Critical Chance Constructor Support
24px Healthy Constructor Support Increases maximum health by 10%/15%/20%.
24px Heaviest Attacks Ninja Support Increases combo attack damage by 15%.
24px Hipshot Outlander Support
24px Hotfix Constructor Support
24px Keen Edge Ninja Support Increases sword critical damage by 35%/53%/70%.
24px Make it Count Outlander Support
24px Pre Planning Constructor Support Reduces the cost of buildings by 4%/8%/10%.
24px Quick Shield Ninja Support Reduces shield regeneration delay by 10%/15%/20%.
24px Shielded Outlander Support Increases maximum shield by 10%/15%/20%.
24px Sure Shot Outlander Support
24px Tough Traps Constructor Support
24px Waste Not Want Not Soldier Support
24px Work, Work Outlander Support
Hit'em while they're down icon.png Hit'em While They're Down Outlander Support 12%/18%/24% Damage to stunned, staggered, and knocked down targets.
Improved headshots icon.png Improved Headshots Soldier Support Increases headshot damage multipler of ranged weapons by 13%/20%/27%.
Loot find icon.png Loot Find Outlander Support 3%/4.5%/6% extra chance to find double loot.
Punchy icon.png Punchy Outlander Support Increases blunt weapon damage & impact by 6%/9%/12%.
Quick clip icon.png Quick Clip Soldier Support Increases reload speed by 15%/23%/30%.

Tactical Bonuses

Icon Name Class Type Description Requires Users
Ammo recovery icon.png Ammo Recovery Soldier Tactical Damaging an enemy with an assault weapon has a 16% chance to generate 1 ammo for the equipped weapon. Any primary Hero
China shop icon.png China Shop Outlander Tactical Bull Rush now deals damage to non-friendly buildings. Constructor
24px Assassination Ninja Tactical Ninja
24px Bear Stare Outlander Tactical Outlander
24px Bloody Bull Ninja Tactical Bull Rush Afflicts damaged targets, dealing 30% extra damage per second for 3 seconds. Constructor
24px Born to Kill Ninja Tactical For the duration of War Cry your maximum shields are increased by 25% of your base shield amount. Soldier
24px Cluster Bomb Soldier Tactical Soldier
24px Corrosion Ninja Tactical Critical hits from melee weapons deal 15% of hit damage every second for 3 seconds while reducing movement speed by 30%. Any primary Hero
24px Decoy Stun Constructor Tactical When DECOY is destroyed or expires it creates an explosion that deals impact and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds. Constructor
24px Dragon Daze Ninja Tactical Any primary Hero
24px Escape Artist Ninja Tactical Soldier
24px Explosive Rounds Soldier Tactical Any primary Hero
24px Fan of Stars Ninja Tactical Ninja No results
24px Feel The BASE Constructor Tactical Constructor
24px Firewall Constructor Tactical Melee attacks against the Primary Hero's shield triggers and energy pulse dealing Energy Damage and knocking back nearby enemies in a 0.5 tile radius (48 Second Cooldown). Any primary Hero
24px Hearty Strikes Ninja Tactical Every 4th hit with a melee weapon restores 24 base health. Any primary Hero
24px Kinetic Punch Constructor Tactical Outlander
24px Kunai Barrage Ninja Tactical Increase the number of kunai thrown from Kunai Storm by 6 and damage by 25%. Does not stack with non-tactical Kunai Barrage perk. Ninja
24px Llocked and Lloaded Outlander Tactical Outlander
24px Plasma Boots Constructor Tactical Crescent Kick applies Affliction for 3 seconds, dealing an extra 14% energy damage every 0.5 seconds. Ninja
24px Plasma Grenades Constructor Tactical Frag Grenade Afflicts targets, dealing 8% extra energy damage, every 0.5 seconds, for 3 seconds. Soldier
24px Power Modulation Constructor Tactical Constructor
24px Practiced in Combat Soldier Tactical Soldier
24px Pressure Points Ninja Tactical Anti-Material Charge slows enemy movement speed by 30% for 7 seconds. Outlander
24px Rucksack Soldier Tactical Soldier
24px Smokescreen Constructor Tactical Smoke Bomb restores shield to full strength. Ninja
24px Stormborne Ninja Tactical Melee kills increases movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. Any primary Hero
24px Survivalist Soldier Tactical Any primary Hero
24px Vigorous Strikes Ninja Tactical Steals 5 energy every 4 melee strikes against an enemy. Any primary Hero
24px Your Move, Creep Outlander Tactical Constructor
Flashbang icon.png Flashbang Soldier Tactical Frag Grenades do away with knockback in favor of increased impact and stunning enemies for 2.5 seconds. Soldier
Grizzled veteran icon.png Grizzled Veteran Soldier Tactical Increases the duration of T.E.D.D.Y by 5 seconds. Outlander
Hold still icon.png Hold Still Soldier Tactical Replace Shockwave knockback with increased impact and 2.5 second enemy stun. Soldier
Lucky stars icon.png Lucky Stars Soldier Tactical Throwing Stars will cause 40% extra headshot damage. Ninja
Phase blast icon.png Phase Blast Soldier Tactical The end of Phase Shift causes a blast, knocking enemies backwards. Outlander
Shock pulse icon.png Shock Pulse Outlander Tactical Shockwave grants 40% damage resistance for 6 seconds. Soldier
Shocking embrace icon.png Shocking Embrace Outlander Tactical Increases the duration of Shock Tower by 2 seconds if placed with a Charge Fragment. Outlander
Sneaky sneaky icon.png Sneaky Sneaky Outlander Tactical Shadow Stance increases movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds. Ninja
Stun baton icon.png Stun Baton Outlander Tactical Melee critical hits do increased impact and add 1.5 seconds of stun when the enemy is interrupted. Any primary Hero
Where we're going we need roads icon.png Where We're Going We Need Roads Outlander Tactical Increases movement speed by 10% while on player-built floors. Any primary Hero