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Spring It On (2019) is an Event that began at March 4th (patch 8.00) and Contains Multiple Story Lines.

Spring it On!
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Love is in the Air and Pirates Invaded Homebase!
Genre Save the World Event
Release March 4th, 2019

It Included: Love Storm and Yarr!

Tickets And Llamas

Players Earned Template:Spring ticket Spring Tickets while playing durning the Spring it on Event. They are used to buy two llamas that were available for a limited time!

Image Name Cost Caption
Llama LegendaryTrollStashLlama.png Legendary Troll Stash Llama 1000 Firecracker tickets icon.png "Guarantees at least one Epic or better Item Available"
Schematic.png Pirate Llama 500 Template:Spring ticket "Guarantess at least one Epic or better Limited Time Steampunk weapon"

Spring It On! Heros

Love Storm Heros:

"Yarr" Heros:

Heros from the Event Store:

Heros From Event Quests:

Spring It On! Weapons

Weapons from Event Quests:

Weapons From Event Llamas:

Weapons from the Event Store:

Event Quests