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Sparkle Supreme Challenges were an exclusive Season X/10 set of challenge for Battle Pass holders. Unlike the Omega and Carbide challenges, the Sparkle Supreme Challenges can be completed even after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of a harvesting tool, a back bling, a glider and multiple style options for Sparkle Supreme.

Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Reward
T UI ChallengeTile SparkleRemi.png Complete 3 Zero Point Challenges SparkleSupreme(SlowDance).png
Sparkle Supreme Slow Dance Style
Reach Battle Pass Tier 55 Sparkle Scythe.png
Sparkle Scythe Harvesting Tool
Reach Battle Pass Tier 70 SparkleSupreme.png
Sparkle Supreme Outfit
Reach Battle Pass Tier 71 Star Shot.png
Star Shot Back Bling
Reach Battle Pass Tier 75 Bob Supreme.png
Sparkle Supreme Bob Cut Style
Reach Season Level 50 Sparkle Supreme(Disco).png
Sparkle Supreme Disco Style
Complete Team Spirit Missions SparkleStrider.png
Sparkle Strider Glider
Complete Team Spirit Prestige Missions SparkleSupreme(Starlite).png
Sparkle Supreme Starlite Style