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Repair the Shelter is a Mission in Save the World and has the following key points.

  • Find Missing Modules - Find the modules located in hidden bots around the world.
  • Activate SEE-bots - Defend SEE-bot as it scans for hidden bots.
  • Defend the Shelter - Prevent the enemies from destroying the Shelter.


Go to the Shelter!

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Ray.png  Ray:    A survivor shelter in this area has been destroyed.
Ray.png  Ray:    I've marked the last known location of the shelter on your map.
Ray.png  Ray:    Travel to the shelter.

Reaching the shelter

Ray.png  Ray:    Good! You've reached the shelter.
Ray.png  Ray:    Use the terminal to run the diagnostic to see what's wrong.

Use Console to run Diagnostics

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Ray.png  Ray:    This shelter has been damaged pretty severely.
Ray.png  Ray:    Looks like the life support modules have all been stolen.
Ray.png  Ray:    These modules inflate and shield the shelter.
Ray.png  Ray:    The modules have to be around here somewhere.
Ray.png  Ray:    Search the zone and return the missing parts.

Reinforce the Shelter

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Ray.png  Ray:    Survivor shelters are built by a fleet of construction bots.
Ray.png  Ray:    If the bots are attacked, they enter stealth mode and power down.
Ray.png  Ray:    To repair the shelter we need to reactivate all of the construction bots.
Ray.png  Ray:    Unfortunately, their stealth mode is really effective.
Ray.png  Ray:    You're gonna need some help finding those missing construction bots.
Ray.png  Ray:    Let me see if I can send some help.
Ray.png  Ray:    It might take a few minutes.

After storms have spawned

Ray.png  Ray:    There's an incoming wave detected!
Ray.png  Ray:    We have some time before they arrived.
Ray.png  Ray:    You can search for the missing parts now, or reinforce the shelter if you want to.

Locate 8 missing modules

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Ray.png  Ray:    Each part will take a minute to install.
Ray.png  Ray:    So... eight modules... 1 minute per module... That equals a lot of bullets.

Locating a module

Ray.png  Ray:    The construction bot has been reactivated.

Finding 6th module

Ray.png  Ray:    Only two more modules, keep searching.

Finding all modules

Ray.png  Ray:    All modules have been located.
Ray.png  Ray:    After all parts has been installed the shelter will attempt to power back up.
Ray.png  Ray:    The enemy will come from all directions.
Ray.png  Ray:    When this happens, expect a big fight.
Ray.png  Ray:    The power up process takes 4 minutes.

Installing 8 modules

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Installed a module

Ray.png  Ray:    A module has been installed. the shelter is now stronger.

Installing the remaining modules Installing 8th module

Ray.png  Ray:    Looks like the husk's plans have changed.
Ray.png  Ray:    They seem to know the final part is being installed, they must be preparing for a larger attack.
Ray.png  Ray:    Get ready!

Activate SEE Bot

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SEE Bot spawn (first spawn)

Ray.png  Ray:    Help has arrived. Travel to the location marked on your map.

Traveling to SEE Bot's location

Ray.png  Ray:    SEE Bot scan is ready to be activated.
Ray.png  Ray:    Defend SEE Bot while scanning.

SEE Bot spawn (second spawn)

Ray.png  Ray:    SEE Bot incoming!

SEE Bot unused

Ray.png  Ray:    SEE Bot's charge is running out.
Ray.png  Ray:    Hurry up if you want to use the scanner.

SEE Bot despawn

Ray.png  Ray:    SEE Bot is heading home to recharge, it will return ASAP.

Successfully defended SEE Bot

Medbot.png  SEE Bot:    QUIET PLEASE. I AM SEEING.
Medbot.png  SEE Bot:    I AM SEEING.

SEE Bot finding modules

Medbot.png  SEE Bot:    I HAVE SEEN THE MODULES.
Ray.png  Ray:    The parts are now marked on your map.
Ray.png  Ray:    Thanks SEE Bot.

Kill all enemies

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Ray.png  Ray:    Installation of parts will pause while the shelter is under attack.

Spawning of Husks

Ray.png  Ray:    Here they come!
Ray.png  Ray:    Keep the shelter safe!
Ray.png  Ray:    Module installation has paused. It will resume after the raid.

Successfully defended the shelter from Husks (with missing modules)

Ray.png  Ray:    Looks like they backed off for now.
Ray.png  Ray:    Find those parts. we don't wanna deal with attacks like that.
Ray.png  Ray:    Installation resuming.

Defend the Shelter as it Powers Up!

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Remaining: 60 seconds

Ray.png  Ray:    60 seconds until shelter's online!

Completing mission

Ray.png  Ray:    That's it!
Ray.png  Ray:    This shelter is now ready for action!


  • Combat Badge
  • Building Badge
  • Utility Badge
    • Silver - mission must be completed in 3 days before extraction.


Power the Reactor[1]

  • During the Alpha, this mission was named Power the Reactor. The procedure was almost identical but the appearance and names were different.
  • Patch 1.10 updated the appearance of the hidden "modules", from floating diamonds to sleeping Construction bots [2]


Patch 5.20 (August 7, 2018)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where SEE-bot could not properly activate in Repair the Shelter missions.

Patch 4.3 (May 30, 2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Chrome Husky won’t appear multiple times in the first Repair the Shelter tutorial mission.
  • Players now must complete the final 4 minute encounter to get credit for the “Repair the Shelter” mission.

Patch 4.2 (May 16, 2018)

  • Repair the Shelter raid
  • In order to reduce the length of the raid fights, they are no longer timed fights.
  • Players are now required to eliminate a set number of enemies for each raid.
    • The final encounter is still time-based.
  • The number of enemies will increase by 10 enemies each of the first 3 raids and then remain at 3rd raid values.

Patch 3.5 (April 11, 2018)

  • ‘Repair the Shelter’ objective now activates when you interact with the control panel rather than be based on proximity to the objective.
  • ‘Repair the Shelter’ adjustments:
  • See-Bot will no longer be attacked on arrival.
    • See-Bot will now arrive with a 5 minute counter. After 5 minutes it will leave to recharge and then return later to a different location on the map.
    • The Husk attack now begins when a player deploys the See-Bot. See-Bot is safe before then.
    • Players have 5 minutes to start the scan and then defend See-Bot.
  • Husk attack difficulty has been reduced for first two attacks.
  • Shelter will now automatically start diagnostic scan when player reaches the shelter instead of having to interact with it.
    • Decreasing the difficulty of the mission and initial combat encounter allowed us to double down on the mission core: scrambling to rescue a sieged shelter and creating a time pressure. -Developer Comment
  • With the automatic diagnostic scan the length of time until first raid occurs has been increased to 8:30 minutes after diagnostics are complete to allow more time to prepare, used to be 6:30 minutes.

Patch 3.2 (March 7, 2018)

  • Group Missions
  • Group Missions now include Fight the Storm Category 1,2,3, & 4, Retrieve the Data, Ride the Lightning, Evacuate the Shelter, Repair the Shelter, and Deliver the Bomb mission types.