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Rarity describes both the relative rarity of finding a item and is an expression of its quality. Each level has a name and color associated with it.

List of All Rarities[]

Minibox Examples[]

A rarity exclusive to StW. Items with this rarity means that the cannot be upgraded and recycled. They are also obtained during the tutorial phase.
A rarity exclusive to StW. Items with this rarity means that the cannot be upgraded and recycled. They are also obtained during the tutorial phase.
Jonesy Chapter 2
The most basic & common rarity. Also the weakest.
New Aura
A little bit more stronger and less common than Common, still not the best rarity to have though.
New Fishstick
A good rarity but still not the best, but beginning to be interesting in the items' stats
A very good rarity, though quite rare.
New Drift
An extremely good rarity though extremely rare to obtain. The items' stats are at their maxed power and are extremely good.
The best of the best. Though in StW, only Storm King's items are this rarity. And in BR, you can only get those weapons by defeating a boss.
The Dub
A rarity for incredibly powerful weapons in BR, these weapons can only be obtained through purchases from NPCs for high quantities of gold bars.
Cannot be obtained in game. Though, developers uses this rarity for testing.
Captain America Icon
Exclusive to Marvel cosmetics.
Harley Quinn
Exclusive to DC cosmetics.
Star Wars
Exclusive to Star Wars cosmetics.
Dark Series
New Dark Bomber
Exclusive to Dark cosmetics in relation to the Cube.
Frozen Series
New Frozen Red Knight
Exclusive to Frozen Series' cosmetics.
Lava Series
Exclusive to Lava Series' cosmetics.
Shadow Series
New Shadowbirb
Exclusive to Shadow Series' cosmetics.
Icon Series
Exclusive to Icon Series' cosmetics.
Slurp Series
Exclusive to Slurp Series' cosmetics.
Gaming Legends Series
Icon kratos
Exclusive to Gaming Legends cosmetics.

Rarity in BR[]

Order (Weakest to Strongest):Common < Uncommon < Rare < Epic < Legendary < Mythic < Exotic Weirdly, each rarity between Common& Legendary can increase the damage, reload time & magazine size. However, Mythic can alter fire rate and other stats that previous rarities doesn't. Mythic items also usually tend to use innovative mechanics such as the Infinity Gauntlet's attacks, Amban Rifle's taser, Batarang's aimbot and etc. Exotic Items are ordinary weapons with perks added to them such as enemy tracking, thermal vision, burst shots and etc.

Mythic items were mostly only available in Save the World, with the exception of the Mythic Weapons that were introduced in Chapter 2: Season 2 and more added in Chapter2: Season 3, for example Skye's Assault Rifle, Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug & more... The Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Blade & other collaboration items, which were available in Chapter 1, were the only Mythic items in Chapter 1. Though, the Infinity Gauntlet has been put into Infinity Gauntlet LTM and the Infinity Blade after it being vaulted, has been put into the Sword Fight LTM.

  • With the Release of Chapter 2 Season 5 a New Exotic rarity was added with weapons that have Special Properties compared to a Normal weapon (and even stranger than Mythic)

These are usualy Sold by NPCs at around 1225 Bars. There are currently 5 Exotic weapons: Explosive heavy Sniper rifle Storm Scout Sniper "The Dub" A Double Barreled Shotgun With Flint Knock Knock back. Thermal Scoped Revolver Suppressed Pistol

    • Please note these are from information that was provided thanks to leaks and in game exploration. This thread will be updated to fix Inaccuracies and Name Specifications of said items.

Rarity in StW[]

Main article: Weapon Perks

Each rarity has specific available benefits, excluding weapons with fixed benefits. The family rarity is a separate tier from the standard common to legendary progression. Every Mythic hero does not have a lower tier, and Mythic lead Survivors are classified in the Collection Book as "Unique Leads". Unlike the rest of the leads, they have a name and a small flavour text.

Special Rarities[]

These items are especially rare due to being obtainable only from certain special sources. As such, they cannot be added to the Collection Book in StW.

BR Only[]

  • Transcendent - Rarity of in-game cosmetics test items used by developers in Battle Royale. This had the exception of the Item Spawner, an item used in Fortnite Creative. As of Patch 7.10, the Item Spawner is now Rare.
  • Mystery/??? - Rarity for unrevealed items, turquoise coloured. Was only used once on the challenges tab for the 14 Days of Summer event when hovering over an unrevealed item.

StW Only[]

  • Handmade - These weapon Schematics are of the lowest beginner tier, and obtained by completing the very first tutorial missions. These items cannot be Upgraded nor Recycled.
  • Trainee - These defenders are obtained after unlocking the first Defender slot in the squad. These items cannot be Upgraded nor Recycled.
  • Default hero appearance - In StW locker this rarity appears in StW heroes.
  • Founder's-This rarity is available in weapons and wraps from Founder's.

For Cosmetic Items[]


  • Icon Series - For cosmetics associated with famous creators in the music and contentCreationindustry, such as artists Marshmello and Major Lazer aswell as YouTube and twitch personalities Ninja and Loserfruit.
  • Marvel Series - This rarity is used for cosmetics associated with Marvel, starting in Season 8.
  • DC Series - For cosmetics associated with DC Comics.
  • Star Wars Series - For cosmetics associated with the Star Wars Franchise.
  • Gaming Legends Series - For cosmetics in collaboration with other game franchises such as God of War, Halo and Borderlands. Doesn't seem to include franchises currently owned by Epic Games such as Battle Breakers and Rocket League.