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A Radar Tower blueprint

Radar Towers are side objectives in Save the World that require players to build a Radar Tower according to a holographic blueprint. They can be found around the map, usually in grassy areas on the outskirts of most zones, and are marked on the map with a blue radar dish icon. Activating a Radar Tower grants rewards as well as revealing certain valuable items on the map in a radius around the tower.

Radar Towers are the primary objective of the Mission type Build the Radar Grid, where players must build at least three Radar Towers within 20 minutes.


A Radar Tower appearing in the quest panel. This is a chest radar that must be built out of Stone and requires 25 building pieces.

When approaching a Radar Tower, players will be alerted of the type, material, and size of the Radar Tower in their quests panel. This may help the player decide whether it is worth their time and resources to complete the Radar Tower. The icon in the left of the quest entry for the tower is the material required to complete it, and the number in parentheses is the number of completed and total building pieces required for the tower.

If the player decides to build the Radar Tower, they must use the designated material to build the Tower according to the blueprint. Attempting to build with the wrong materials or using the wrong-shaped building piece will prevent the player from placing the building pieces until the correct material and shape is selected. The entire blueprint must be completed to activate the radar dish on top of the tower and receive rewards.

After completing the blueprint, the player must activate the tower by using the "interact" key (E on PC, square on PlayStation, X on Xbox) on the radar dish that appears at the top of the tower. Activating the radar dish drops reward caches at the bottom of the tower and reveals certain items on the map depending on the tower type.

Players may add up to five BluGlo (two BluGlo for the first increase, three more for the second) to the radar to increase the radar's reveal range.

Radar Types

Chest Radar
Chest Radars reveal treasure chests in a radius around the tower. They appear as blue chest icons on the map. Note that this does not reveal Mimics!
Survivor Radar
Survivor Radars reveal nearby Survivors that the player may rescue for rewards. They appear with the same blue person icon as Survivors located normally.
Resource Vein Radar
Resource Vein Radars reveal nearby Ore deposits. They appear as blue pickaxe icons on the map.


In addition to the items revealed by the Radar Tower being an implicit reward, completion of the radar itself grants a reward cache of Materials, Wood, Stone, Metal, or Traps.


  • Players may quickly calculate the amount of resources required for a tower by multiplying the number of pieces required by 10, as each building piece costs 10 materials. A tower that requires 25 building pieces therefore costs a total of 250 of the indicated resource.
  • Survivor Radars may occasionally be useful during Rescue the Survivors missions if players are unable to find a survivor, as the radar will reveal their exact location if they are near the tower.