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Portals are mysterious objects created by The Zero Point that started appearing around the map is of the 15.10 Update. All of which is leading to an area seen in another hunter's reality, however, none of which can be entered. They were an important point of The Storyline and the focal point of Chapter 2 Season 5. They were closed after The Zero Point was locked in The Spire with the sealing of The Foundation to contain the blast during The Zero Crisis Finale with help of Agent Jonesy and the player.

Locations and Realities



  • Portal 4: Jungle from the first Predator movie.
  • Portal 5: Virtual Area in Tron reality
  • Portal 7: The Hadley's Hope mining colony from Aliens

How do portals work?

  • Agent Jonesy travels to an entirely different reality and take said reality's best hunter(s) into the Fortnite reality to stop anyone from escaping The Loop. Every time Jones takes another hunter into the Fortnite reality, a Portal is created.
  • As of March 5th, 2021, there are 8 Portals around the Map.
    • This will most likely be the final portal.

Map Changes


  • December 12th: A Portal to The Walking Dead reality has opened north of Weeping Woods.


  • December 19th: The Zero Point created a Portal west of Misty Meadows to the Marvel reality.



  • A Portal to the Terminator reality has appeared inside Steamy Stacks.


  • February 10th: A Portal to the Tron reality has appeared at north of Lake Canoe.


  • February 17th: A Portal to the Street Fighter II Reality has appeared between Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges.
  • February 24th: A Portal to the Alien reality has appeared southwest of Slurpy Swamp.


  • Links between The Zero Point and Portals are more visible.
  • March 4th: The Portals started destabilizing.
  • March 5th: The Portals are more unstable.
  • Another Portal to the Marvel 616 reality has appeared at Gorgeous Gorge.
  • March 6th: The Portals are even more unstable.
  • March 7th: Links between The Zero Point and Portals are complety visible.
  • March 9th: The links between the Zero Point and the Portals are starting to turn purple.
  • March 10th: The Zero Point releases energy bursts more often, every 2 minutes.
  • March 11th: Links between Zero Point and Portals shake a little more, the Portals continues to destabilize.
  • March 15th: The links are extremely purple.

The Zero Crisis Finale

  • Zero Point sent out a massive reality-wave. Said wave created more "Portals" that seemed to not lead to any reality. (They were not actually portals.) Either way, the excess "Portals" were destroyed by the player. When the event ended, and Season 6 officially had begun, all of the Portals had vanished due to TZP being replaced by The Spire.