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Player Spawn
Device PlayerSpawn.png
Spawns players
Use Player Spawner
Customizable Yes
Hitpoints Varies with placement[1]
Introduced 7
Last Adjusted 7.1

The Player Spawn is a creative device that designates a certain player's spawn. It can be customized to spawn a specific team, prioritize a certain team, use as island start, and become invisible during games.


Patch 7.10 (December 19, 2018)


  • Added new options to Player Spawners:
    • Added an option to hide the Player Spawner during Game.
    • Added an option to prioritize which Player Spawn to use when there are multiple to choose from.
    • Modified Island Start option to allow spawning for both Island and Game.

Patch 7.01 (December 11, 2018)

  • Player Spawn device can now be customized to spawn only players on a specific team number. The team number is displayed on the plate (except when in the game is in progress.)
  • Player Spawn device can now be set to be an Island Start instead of a game start. This can be used to set where players arrive when they visit your island when not in Play mode.

Patch 7.00 (December 6, 2018)

  • New Devices
    • Player Spawn


1. This trap will only have the amount of hitpoints as the surface it is placed on.