Phase Scout

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Phase Scout
Uses Phase Shift and In The Zone to explore areas at an incredible pace.
Class Outlander
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Phase Scout is a Outlander Hero subclass available in Save the World.


Focused acquisition icon.png
Focused Acquisition
Increases chance to find double loot by 6%.
Phase runner icon.png
Phase Runner
Phase Shift increases movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.
Phased Out
Phase shield icon.png
Phase Shield
Phase Shift forces the shield to regenerate for 2 seconds. Your shield will regenerate even if you continue to take damage, but it will only regenerate at 20% of the regular rate.
Keen eyes icon.png
Keen Eyes
Reveals containers that contain valuable objects within 2 tiles while In the Zone.
Deep in the zone icon.png
Deep in the Zone
Gain 40 Armor and increase pickaxe damage by an additional 24% during In the Zone.

Squad Bonuses

Support bonus icon.png
Tactical bonus icon.png
Sneaky sneaky icon.png
Sneaky Sneaky
Shadow Stance increases movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.


Phasic Energy are removed, now called Phase Shield.