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Fortnite v6.00 - Pets.jpg

Pets are companion cosmetics in Battle Royale and Save the World that acts similarly to a Back Bling and were introduced in Season 6 as Battle Pass Rewards with custom unlockable styles. There are currently 11 pets. Each pet reacts in a different way depending on the situation of the player (e.g, Gliding, Skydiving, Knocked Down or found a chest).

List of Pets

Image Name Rarity Type Set Description Cost Source
BonesyPet.png Bonesy Epic Pet A loyal companion. Battle Pass Season 6
CamoPet.png Camo Epic Pet A brilliant buddy! Battle Pass Season 6
Icon (40).png Claptrap GamingLegends Pet Mayhem Hyperion Stewart Bot. Friends not included. 2000 V-bucks icon.png Psycho Bundle
Dodger Pet.png Dodger Epic Pet Outfox the competition. Battle Pass Season 8
Empress Pet.png Empress Epic Pet The world is her scratching post. 1000 V-bucks icon.png Item Shop
Gunner.png Gunner Epic Pet Who's a good tail gunner? Is it you? 1000 V-bucks icon.png Item Shop
HamirezPet.png Hamirez Epic Pet Give her a wheel and she will be your best friend. Battle Pass Season 7
KitsuneBackBling.png Kitsune Epic Pet Drift Two tails, one good friend. Battle Pass Season X
KyoIcon.png Kyo Epic Pet Sky Style Activate battle nap. Battle Pass Season 9
MerryMunchkinPet.png Merry Munchkin Epic Pet Gingerbread Not so sweet. 14 Days of Fortnite
T-Icon-Backpacks-533-MechanicalEngineer-L.png Ohm's Perch Epic Pet Intrepid Engines Ohm's personal perch. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 3
RemusPet(grey).png Remus Epic Pet Untamed and unafraid. Battle Pass Season 7
Rocket Racoon.png Rocket Marvel Pet Rocket Just don't call him a raccoon, pal. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 4, Awakening Challenges
ScalesPet.png Scales Epic Pet A scaly sidekick. Battle Pass Season 6
TheChildPet.png The Child StarWars Pet The Mandalorian Where I go, he goes. Battle Pass Chapter 2 Season 5
Woodsy Pet.png Woodsy Epic Pet Hand carved best friend. Battle Pass Season 8