Pawntoon (POI)

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Pawntoon was a Landmark in Battle Royale added in Chapter 2 Season 3. It is a small boat run by Knepley’s Pawn Shop, with a total of 7 chests (3 of them are Henchman Chests). It has also 1 Supply Drop, 12 Slurp Barrels and some food crates. It is also the first location in Fortnite's history to spawn at a random location every game, usually off the coast of the island.

Points and Sublocations

Pawntoon (POI) Top View
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Map Changes

Chapter 2 Season 3


  • Pawntoon was added to the map.

Chapter 2 Season 4


  • Pawntoon was removed


  • Pawntoon was often referred to as "The Secret Boat" as it spawned at a different location every game and couldn't be seen on the Minimap.