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Outdoor equipment store is a outdoor equipment company in battle royale.

Outdoor equipment store
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Genre Companies
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The Tilted Towers branch
The Greasy Grove branch
The Happy Hamlet branch
The Retail Row branch

Map Changes

Season 1

  • The original two Outdoor Equipment Store branches, which were in Greasy Grove and Retail Row were added to the map.

Season 5

Season 7

  • Greasy Grove was frozen over. The outdoor Equipment Store storage room and secret room was frozen but this was the only building that could be entered and mostly explored. The secret chest and the storage area was frozen.
  • Happy Hamlet was added to the map, along with an outdoor Equipment Store.

Season 8

  • The Outdoor Equipment Store was partly destroyed when the volcano erupted and hit Retail Row.

Season 9

Season 10

  • Retail Row was added back, bringing back the Outdoor Equipment Store.
  • Week 7: Greasy Grove was unfrozen, making the outdoor Equipment Store fully accessible.
  • Week 10: All of the outdoor Equipment stores were sucked into a black hole, along with the rest of the map.

Chapter 2 Season 1

  • Retail Row was added to the new map, along with the Outdoor Equipment Store.


  • It is possible the outdoor equipment stores were upgraded to Cap'n Carp, a store identical to it.