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During Chapter 2 Season 2, an event called Spy Games started. It evolved players picking either Ghost or Shadow the fight each other in variants gamemodes to unlock tech and get better weapons in those modes.

Operation : Dropzone



This gamemode highly resembles to Team Rumble with some changes.

  • Throughout the match, when a team reached a elimination goal , players will be able to get new tech to fight with.
    • The main goal is 150, so when one team reaches this goal, the game ends and they win.
  • During the match, 4 Intel Drops (previously Llama Jewel Drops from The Getaway) drops somewhere randomly.
    • One person needs to search the safe to claim 2 intel. Which are claimed and collected at the end of the game.
    • Once searched they also scan the area for nearby enemies and grants 10 eliminations instantly.

Other Rules

  • One Wood is given every second.

Operation : Knockout

Duos or Squads


You and your teammates competes in a tournament like competition where in each round you have to beat the other team in front of you until you win to the finals.

  • Each round you have to beat the other team at getting the most eliminations in 3 minutes.
    • The team that wins will face other teams until they arrive at the Final and defeat the other team that made up this far like yours.
    • If you lose it's game over.
  • Every round you can select tech.
  • Each rounds happens somewhere else than a team.
    • Because of how the storm is set up, you cannot encounter other teams other than the one you have to face.
    • Every round will happen in a different Landmark or Named location.
  • You earn 2 Intels by winning a game. And 1 by winning the whole tournament for a total of 9.

Operation : Payload



  • Total of 4 rounds
  • Every round you can select a new tech.
  • Every round won you get 2 Intels. Winning the game grants 1 Intel.
  • Escorting the Payload
    • When your team has to escort the payload, you must stay near it for it to move forward.
    • If one person is near it it will move 1m/sec, If the whole team is near it, it will move 8m/sec.
    • Eliminating is not beneficial, it's better to escort the payload since it's the goal. Well, obviously eliminating makes the enemies respawn and unable to stop you, but it doesn't grant any other advantages.
  • Stopping the Payload.
    • Your goal is to stop the payload from arriving at the destination.
    • The only way to stopping the Payload is to eliminate and avoid anyone of the enemies to stay near the payload truck.

Operation : Infiltration



  • Total of 4 rounds.
  • Every round you can select a new tech.
  • Every round won you get 2 Intels. Winning the game grants 1 Intel.
  • Stealing the Case
    • Your team must go in the other team's base (or Location) and steal the Intel Case as the middle.
    • While someone has the case, it acts just like Snowballs or Propane Tanks.
    • You go throw it, but throwing into the goal won't count, someone need to carry it to the goal.
  • Defending the Case
    • You just need to eliminate the other team as fast as possible and make sure they don't get a chance to pick it up.