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Neo Tilted (Formerly Tilted Towers) was a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale added in Season 9, located inside the coordinates D5 and D6, southwest of Loot Lake, northeast of Shifty Shafts and Far East of Snobby Shores. It was a heavily modified version of Tilted Towers with new buildings, such as a giant Durrr Burger and hotel, but a similar design to the orignal tilted. Neo Tilted was being powered up from the vault in Loot Lake before the floating orb exploded, stopping time and deactivating the cable.

In the first week of Season 10, a rift beacon was constructed in Neo Tilted that made a rift above the area. This caused Neo Tilted to be replaced by Tilted Town.

Points and Sublocations

Neo Tilted Top View
Neo Tilted Air View 9.40.png
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For more details on houses and buildings, visit Neo Tilted/Buildings

5-story Insurance Building

A futuristic No Sweat Insurance Building from the original Tilted Towers. It was the only building left standing after the volcano, Not many changes to the interior other than a futuristic upgrade.

5-story Insurance Building

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower has been rebuilt with a holographic digital clock rather then a analog for the futuristic theme of season 9. It also has a shop in the ground floor.

Clock Tower

Construction Site

An unknown building that is under construction. The building has a toilet on a plank.

Construction Site

9-story Durr Burger Building

A 9 story high Durr Burger restaurant with office space on the upper floors. The building has a giant holographic Durr Burger on the roof. The top few floors are only accessible by the elevator but since the elevators don't actually work you'll have to use other ways to get up.

9-story Durr Burger Building

7-story Neo Tilted Continental

A luxurious hotel building, named "Neo Tilted Continental", which is a reference to the John Wick movies. In the Wick's Bounty LTM, guns cannot be used in the hotel which is also a reference to the John Wick movies.

7-story Neo Tilted Continental

11-story Skyscraper

a 11-story Skyscraper apartment building that is the tallest building on the fortnite map. The first two floors are a restrant with a balcony over the first floor. A staircase accessed from a separate door leads to the upper floors. The 3rd and 4th floors are offices. There's also two staircases -two per floor- connecting the two office floors. The rest of the floors are luxury apartments with one apartments per two floors and the top 3 floors are the penthouse.

11-story Skyscraper

More Buildings

    • Peely’s Banana Stand, possibly a reference to the Season 9 Cinematic Trailer.
    • A "Ship It" warehouse. (refried to as a factory in the creative menu)
    • Another building under construction.
    • A 7-story apartment building with Just Build and the Nugget Hut in the ground floor and an office on the second. The rest of the floors are apartments. The building might be designed to look like the "fish" building from the original Tilted Towers.
    • Another apartment building with the Double Pump Buffet in the ground floor.


  • Neo Spotlights
  • Neo Bed
  • Neo Stove
  • Neo Fridge
  • Neo Kitchen Counter
  • Neo Couberd
  • Neo Chair
  • Neo TV
  • Neo Cabinet
  • Neo Bookshelf
  • Neo Desk
  • Neo Office Chair
  • Neo Cubeical
  • Neo Coffee Machine
  • Neo Cars
  • Neo Trucks
  • Neo Crates
  • Neo Tilted Continental Sign
  • Neo Tilted Continental "C"
  • Giant Holographic Durrr Burger

Map Changes

Neo Tilted at the start of Season 9.



  • May 21st: The TV with the jumping llama that was inside a house near Snobby Shores has moved to the Durrr Burger location.
  • June 5th: The TV with the jumping llama is now turned off.


  • June 18th: The monster has damaged the cable linking the Loot Lake vault to Neo Tilted.
  • July 6th: Propaganda and warning posters have appeared in Neo Tilted.

The Final Showdown Event


  • August 1st: The propaganda and warning posters have been removed.
  • August 4th: A rift beacon is being constructed in Neo Tilted, it is facing Loot Lake.
  • August 5th: The rift beacon at has been completed and is turned on. It seems to be gathering energy from Loot Lake.
  • The rift beacon at Neo Tilted has created and opened a small rift in the sky above the POI.
  • August 6th: Neo Tilted has been removed from the map and has been replaced by Tilted Town.


  • It is the second named POI without an alliterative name, the first being The Block.
  • Neo Tilted is actually being powered up by Loot Lake, with a tube going from Loot Lake to Neo Tilted.
  • At the time of its removal, Neo Tilted was the shortest lived named location in Fortnite's history. It stayed in the game for 11 weeks. It has since been passed by Tilted Town, Moisty Palms, Gotham City, Starry Suburbs and Rickety Rig.
  • A statue of Singularity could be seen next to a bridge and the Durrr Burger. She is holding a helmet visible in The Unvaulting event.
  • In the Wick's Bounty LTM, guns cannot be used in the hotel. This is a reference to the John Wick films.
  • Neo Tilted is the third location that replaced a location that was removed. It replaced Tilted Towers in Season 9 and was removed in Season 10.
  • Neo Tilted is currently the last named POI to have a major Durrr Burger restaurant. The previous two were Greasy Grove and Retail Row.
  • Its name and appearance are a reference to the 1980s manga "Akira" and the city within the story, Neo Tokyo.