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Disambig.png This article is about the special missions with modifiers that appear in Save the World. For the Save the World event, see Mutant Storms (event).

Mutant Storms are Missions that appear on the Mission select screen for a limited time. They are marked by a number of modifiers, offer increased Rewards, and often feature the appearance of Mini-Bosses. Visually, Mutant Storms differ from regular Missions by the purple cloud that surrounds the Mission type icon.


Negative Modifiers

Monster modifiers have a red background, and feature buffs to Monster strength and abilities, or debuffs to Player strength and abilities.

Icon Modifier Explanation
Acid pools modifier icon.png Acid Pools Enemies have a chance to leave a damaging pool on the ground when they die.
Enraged modifier icon.png Enraged When enemies are near death, they become enraged, dealing more damage.
Epic mini-boss modifier icon.png Epic Mini-Boss An Epic Mini-Boss may appear in this area.
Exploding deathburst modifier icon.png Exploding Deathburst Basic husks explode when killed, damaging players and buildings in the area.
Fire storm modifier icon.png Fire Storm Changes all elemental enemies to fire.
Frenzied deathburst modifier icon.png Frenzied Deathburst When enemies die, they grant nearby enemies a brief movement and attack speed increase.
Healing deathbursts modifier icon.png Healing Deathburst Enemies burst when killed, healing nearby enemies.
Ice storm modifier icon.png Ice Storm Changes all elemental enemies to water.
Lightning storm modifier icon.png Lightning Storm Changes all elemental enemies to nature.
Metal corrosion modifier icon.png Metal Corrosion Basic husk melee attacks cause metal buildings to corrode, periodically damaging them for a time.
Quickened modifier icon.png Quickened Enemies gain movement speed for a time after taking damage.
Ricochet modifier icon.png Ricochet Ranged Damage to enemies is bounced back to attacking Heroes. Only appears on Mini-Bosses.
Shared hero damage modifier icon.png Shared Hero Damage Whenever a player loses health, allies suffer damage equal to a percentage of that amount.
Slowing attacks modifier icon.png Slowing Attacks Whenever a player is struck by a melee attack, they move more slowly for a short time.
Slowing pools modifier icon.png Slowing Pools Enemies have a chance to leave a slowing pool on the ground when they die.
Smoke screens modifier icon.png Smoke Screens Enemies have a chance to create a smokescreen when they die, granting enemy damage resistance to ranged attacks.
Tank modifier icon.png Tank The affected enemy is much tougher and has innate damage resistance. Only appears on Mini-Bosses.
Uncharted enemies modifier icon.png Uncharted Enemies Enemies don't show up on the minimap.
Wall weakening modifier icon.png Wall Weakening Buildings become increasingly vulnerable to damage for a short time after they are attacked.

Positive Modifiers

Player modifiers have a blue background, and feature buffs to Player strength and abilities, or debuffs to Monster strength and abilities.

Icon Modifier Explanation
Adept abilities modifier icon.png Adept Abilities Hero abilities do more damage.
Adept constructors modifier icon.png Adept Constructors Constructors do more damage.
Adept ninjas modifier icon.png Adept Ninjas Ninjas do more damage.
Adept outlanders modifier icon.png Adept Outlanders Outlanders do more damage.
Adept soldiers modifier icon.png Adept Soldiers Soldiers do more damage.
Building constructors modifier icon.png Building Constructors Build, Upgrade, and Repair costs reduced for Constructors.
Concussive shieldbreak modifier icon.png Concussive Shieldbreak When a player's shield is destroyed, nearby enemies take damage. Smaller enemies are likely to be knocked back.
Focused ninjas modifier icon.png Focused Ninjas Ninja ability cool downs and energy costs are reduced.
Hardware constructors modifier icon.png Hardware Constructors Constructors do more damage and crit more often with Hardware weapons.
Headshot soldiers modifier icon.png Headshot Soldiers Soldiers do more damage with Assault Rifles when scoring head shots.
Knockback melee attacks modifier icon.png Knockback Melee Attacks Player melee attacks do increased knockback.
Leaping ninjas modifier icon.png Leaping Ninjas Ninjas jump higher and can Mantis Leap more often.
Melee life leech modifier icon.png Melee Life Leech Heroes heal by a percentage of the melee damage they deal.
Powerful assault rifles modifier icon.png Powerful Assault Rifles Assault Rifles do more damage
Powerful axes and scythes modifier icon.png Powerful Axes and Scythes Axes and Scythes do more damage.
Powerful energy attacks modifier icon.png Powerful Energy Attacks Player energy attacks do more damage.
Powerful explosives modifier icon.png Powerful Explosives Explosive weapons do more damage.
Powerful pistols modifier icon.png Powerful Pistols Pistols do more damage.
Powerful shotguns modifier icon.png Powerful Shotguns Shotguns do more damage.
Powerful sniper rifles modifier icon.png Powerful Sniper Rifles Sniper Rifles do more damage.
Powerful swords and spears modifier icon.png Powerful Swords and Spears Spear and Sword weapons do more damage.
Powerful traps modifier icon.png Powerful Traps Traps hit harder, fire more often, and last longer.
Sword ninjas modifier icon.png Sword Ninjas Ninjas do more damage and crit more often with swords.
Upgraded outlanders modifier icon.png Upgraded Outlanders Outlanders can carry more Fragments, and their abilities deal more damage.
Well drilled soldiers modifier icon.png Well-Drilled Soldiers Soldier ability cool downs and energy costs are reduced.