Mount Kay (POI)

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Mount Kay is a Landmark in Battle Royale added in Chapter 2 Season 1, located inside the coordinates G7 and G8, east of Misty Meadows. It is home to a few other smaller Landmarks such as the Weather Station, the Snow Cone Food Truck and Base Camp Golf.

Points and Sublocations

Mount Kay (POI) Top View
Mt.Kay Top View.png
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Challenge Challenges Reward
Visit 15 different Landmarks TNTina's Trial Season xp icon.png40,000
Search 10 Chests at Landmarks Skye's Adventure Season xp icon.png40,000
Dance at the highest spot and the lowest spot on the map (2) Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 9 Challenges Season xp icon.png25,000

Map Changes


  • Mount Kay was added to the map.

The Devourer Of Worlds Event



  • Mount Kay is the largest peak on The Apollo Island.
  • After the device event a waterstorm was added and it covered the map except the top of Mount Kay and you could still take damage even above the waterstorm.