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Moisty Palms (Formerly Paradise Palms) was a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale which was added to the Map in Season X/10, located inside the coordinates H8 and I8, east of Fatal Fields, south of Retail Row, northeast of Lucky Landing and south west of Lonely Lodge. It was a tropical city with tall buildings and small houses, covered with swamp trees and small pools. The area was a mix of Paradise Palms, Manor, Junkyard, Moisty Mire, and Prison, the latter 2 of which were removed in Season 5.

There was a giant bubble around this area, similar to other rift zones. Entering the area will give players the ability to crouch and turn into a random prop inside the Rift Zone.

Points and Sublocations

Moisty Palms Top View
Moisty Palms Air View.png
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* Click on the map to view geographic sub-locations.

For more details on structures, visit Moisty Palms/Buildings

Other Loot Spots

Map Changes



  • A visitor tape recording was added to Moisty Palms.

The End Event

  • October 13: Moisty Palms was sucked into a black hole.


  • It is the third non-alliterative named POI on the Battle Royale Map. The first two were The Block and Neo Tilted.
  • While being a merging of two previous POIs and five total locations, Moisty Palms was the third shortest lived named POI, being in the game for a month and two days. Gotham City and Starry Suburbs are the only two POIs which have been in the game for less time.
  • This is the 1st POI to be a merge of two previous POIs. The second is Salty Towers.