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Mist Monsters are one of the two main types of Monsters in Save the World. They are larger and more dangerous than Husks, but are also less numerous. They do not damage the objective but instead distract and damage the player and their defenses in order to enable the smaller Husks.

Types of Mist Monsters

Tank-like enemies whose purpose is to smash through a fort's defenses to allow other monsters access. They have high health and will quickly demolish almost any type of Building. They also deal damage if the player gets struck by one. However, they do not directly damage the objective themselves. They are highly impact resistant, but weapons or traps with high enough impact can stop Smashers during their charge. The Outlander ability TEDDY will also stop the charge.
Flying enemies that target the player and deal heavy damage. They will target a player from long range and rush at them, causing moderate to heavy damage. They also have the ability to open portals and slip through walls to reach players.
Tall, skinny Mist Monsters with a glowing eye that fires lasers at players from long range. After a short charge-up accompanied by an audible charging sound, they fire lasers that deal moderate damage per shot. Their laser barrage can be stopped by staggering them with moderate- to high-impact weapons.
Slow, lumbering Mist Monsters with one large arm and one smaller arm that throw husks at the objective. They will spawn with smaller enemies which they can throw over fort walls to attack from the inside. They are highly resistant to ranged damage, but take increased damage from melee weapons.

Event Monster

  • Vampire Taker
Vampire Takers only appear in Fortnitemares. They are white, with red eyes and mouth. They have bats following them.
  • Dracula Taker
Dracula Takers only appear in Fortnitemares. They are the same as vampire Takers but instead of white, they are black at night and stronger.