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Mimic monster.png
Head looks like a chest, body of a Lobber.
Difficulty Medium
Attacks Bite the player
Health High.
Special Abilities Hides as a loot blue chest.
Weapons to use Melee or Ranged.
Strong against Can’t be head shot.

Mimics are monsters that look like Treasure Chests.


If solo, you can create some traps to help you. Keep in mind that it spawning will destroy anything close by, so build your traps approx 3 tiles away.

Mimics take the appearance of a level 3 (blue) treasure chest. They can be identified before opening as the ringing noise they emit is lower pitched than that of a regular chest, they are often faced a peculiar way (towards a wall, for example), and will wiggle and growl when the player interacts with them. The best weapons against mimics are ranged weapons because the mimics don’t have ranged attacks, therefore they cannot effect you if you fight them at a distance.


  • Mimics generally spawn on the outskirts of zones.
  • Mimics do moderate to extreme damage when engaged, and can take a lot of hits before dying, therefore it is best to be prepared with a good weapon and adequate space to run.
  • Walls can also be built in between the Mimic and the player to slow it down while fighting it.


  • The chest itself will turn into a mimic when damaged.
  • Successfully fighting and killing the Mimic drops presents for all members of the team and therefore it is worthwhile to fight it if you are able to do so.


10.20 Patch Notes (August 27, 2019)
  • New sound effects