Lumber Lodge (POI)

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Lumber Lodge
Lumber Lodge 1.png
Type Landmark
Coordinates E8
Island Apollo
Introduced Patch 11.00
Chests Treasure chest (tier 1).png T-T-Icon-BR-FactionSupplyCache.png 2 Chests
Ammo Boxes Ammo box icon.png 5 Ammo Boxes
Floor Loot Assault Rifle (SCAR) (NEW).png Medium Bullets.png Shield Potion (NEW).png New Bandages.png 5
Characters T Kairos ConstructorM L.png Kyle(C2S5)

Lumber Lodge is a Landmark in Battle Royale added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 1, located inside the coordinate E8, south of Misty Meadows, west of Camp Cod, and southeast of Slurpy Swamp. Similar to Steel Farm, it was an original Chapter 2 landmark that wasn't called Lumber Lodge until Chapter 2 Season 5. It was formerly just a lodge with no name.

Points and Sublocations

Lumber Lodge (POI) Top View
Lumber Lodge 9.png
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Lumber Lodge 1.png

Lumber Lodge 7.png

Map Changes


  • Lumber Lodge was added to the map.


  • Lumber Lodge was flooded.


  • The water level decreased back to normal, and Lumber Lodge is now back.


  • Lumber Lodge is now a Landmark
  • Kyle can be found here as a Character



  • Just like Steel Farm, Lumber Lodge being added on the map in Chapter 2 Season 1 but not being a landmark was likely a mistake or Epic just not wanting to name it.