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Lobby is the menu screen used for Battle Royale and Save the World. The Lobby isn't used in Creative.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale Lobby is divided into multiple sections: Play, Battle Pass, Compete, Locker, Item Shop, Career and V-Bucks.


The play section is the main part of the Lobby from here you can view your Battle Pass level, Challenges, V-Bucks, News and choose a Gamemode to play.

Battle Pass

Main article: Battle Pass

The Battle Pass section allows you to view your Battle Pass and Challenges.


Main article: Compete

The Compete section shows upcoming, current and previous Tournaments.


Main article: Locker

The Locker is a section in Battle Royale's user interface. It was introduced into the game in Patch 1.80. It contains players Cosmetics and allows players to change the Cosmetics their wearing.

Item Shop

Main article: Item Shop

The Item Shop section is a virtual shop where players can purchase Cosmetics using V-Bucks or real life money.


The Career sections displays Achievements and Account Level. Players can select their region from here.


The V-Bucks section is where players can purchase V-Bucks. Previously players could purchase certain Bundles however this was later moved to the Limited Time Offers section of the Item Shop.

Save the World