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Lazy Lagoon was a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale which was added to the Map in Season 8, located inside the coordinates F2 and F3, east of The Block, northeast of Loot Lake, north of Dusty Depot, northwest of Pressure Plant and far west of Sunny Steps that replaced Lazy Links in Season 8. It was a lakeside village with a small town right to it with a pirate ship in the middle. This area included some palm trees and some sand as well. On the east coast, there were some old-fashioned buildings that formed a small town.

Lazy Lagoon had the potential to spawn up to Treasure chest (tier 1).png 28 Chests.

Points and Sublocations

Lazy Lagoon Top View
Lazy Lagoon Air View Season 9.png
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For more detail on houses and buildings, go to Lazy Lagoon/Buildings


Large, three-story building with bar and upstairs seating area. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests could be found in the attic and the small area above the first floor staircase.

Magazine & Red Wood Apartment

Downstairs cannonball storage with a small apartment above. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found in the bedroom atop the bed.

Watchtower & Blue Wood House

Large two-story house with a tall a watchtower on the roof. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests could be found behind the bed in the bedroom and Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest chest could be found at the top of the tower.

Resting Area

Small, open building with check-in downstairs and hammocks upstairs. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found in the attic.

Food Market


Tiny food store with bedroom upstairs and Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest in the attic.

Pirate Ship

A wooden pirate ship with tall masts and large cloth sails. It had working cannons below the main deck as well as a captain's quarters, study hall, dining area, jail, storage room, and two sleeping areas. It could be found atop the octopus holding a trident at the front of the boat. Another Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests could be found on the dresser in the captain's quarters and amongst some crates in the study hall below. One more Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found in the pantry of the dining area, and another Treasure chest (tier 1).png 2 Chests in the storage room. One final Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found in the large cell in the jail.


Three small islands located in the center of the lagoon. The central one had a broken shed and some palm trees. The bottom one had some palm trees and boulders. And the top one had two palms trees and some stones. Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found next to the broken shed on the central island and Treasure chest (tier 1).png 1 Chest could be found next to the palm tree on the top island.


  • Palm Trees
  • Pirate Cannons
  • Pirate Flag
  • Ship Mast
  • Hammock
  • Net
  • Cloth Bag
  • Ship Nose
  • Kraken Chandler

Map Changes


  • Lazy Lagoon was added to the map replacing Lazy Links.


  • Week 4: Cannons are directly aimed at the water and the anchor of the pirate ship is partially raised. It seems to be preparing for a battle.


  • June 18th: A giant beach umbrella and beach ball was added to a island of Lazy Lagoon.
  • June 25th: Pirate cannons are gone from the area due to them being vaulted.


  • All of the 14 Days of Summer props and items across the map are now gone.


  • A golf club house appeared near Lazy Lagoon. This was an Easter egg of Lazy Links, which Lazy Lagoon replaced.

The End Event

  • October 13th: Lazy Lagoon was sucked into a black hole.