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Guided Missile
Guided Missile.png
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Patch 3.4
Vaulted Patch 6.21
Patch 7.30 (Playground)

Guided Missile is an Explosive Weapon in Battle Royale. It can be found in Epic and Legendary rarities. The Missile can be controlled freely. It uses Rockets. The Guided Missile was unvaulted on 5.10 Content Update. The Guided Missile was then Re-Vaulted in Patch 6.21 from regular matches.

The Guided Missile was removed from Playground in Patch 7.30, currently making it unavailable.

The Guided Missile was vaulted the first time because it was too overpowered. The second time it was vaulted because the weapon was rare to find in game, damages are worse than the Rocket Launcher and it was barely used.


Guided Missile
Guided Missile.png
Bullet Type Rockets icon.png
DPS 55.5
Damage 74
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 1
Reload Time 2.4
Structure Damage 400
Guided Missile
Guided Missile.png
Bullet Type Rockets icon.png
DPS 57.75
Damage 77
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 1
Reload Time 2.2
Structure Damage 400

Former Stats

Patch 3.4 - Patch 5.10 Content Update

Guided Missile
Guided Missile.png
Bullet Type Rockets icon.png
DPS 78.75
Damage 105
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 1
Reload Time 2.0
Guided Missile
Guided Missile.png
Bullet Type Rockets icon.png
DPS 82.5
Damage 110
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 1
Reload Time 1.9

Back then, the rocket was much faster and you much faster to turn around.


Patch Epic Legendary
Since 3.4 Guided Missile.png


Chapter 1

Rarities Chest Floor Loot Supply Drop


  • The Guided Missile has a unique feature in that the missile can be controlled freely. Controlling the Missile can be stopped to use it as a regular Rocket, or to react to enemies in time.
  • Make sure to take cover when firing, as you are very vulnerable to enemies. Scouting the environment is essential, as the user can spot an enemy approaching and stop controlling the Missile.
  • You can ride the Missile in the exact same way you would ride a Rocket.


Patch Notes

6.21 Patch Notes (November 1, 2018 )
Weapons + Items
  • Vaulted
  • Guided Missile
  • These items will remain available in Playground Mode.

6.20 Patch Notes (October 24, 2018 )
Weapons + Items
  • The Guided Missile has returned and can be looted in-game

6.10 Patch Notes (October 16, 2018 )
Bug Fixes
  • Guided Missile no longer fires the wrong direction

6.02 Patch Notes (October 10, 2018 )
Weapons + Items
  • Loot drop rate adjustments
  • Note: The overall number of Explosive Weapons and Snipers in a given game has not changed, however, there is a greater distribution of rarity and variants.

Patch 5.20 (August 7, 2018)

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed replication issues caused by interacting with a Guided Missile.
  • Player models will no longer appear twisted while controlling the Guided Missile.

Patch 5.10 Content Update (July 31, 2018) Weapons + Items

  • Guided Missile returns!
    • Available in Epic, Legendary, and Mythic variants.
    • Fuse duration reduced from 18 to 15 seconds.
    • Movement Speed decreased from 1100 to 1000.
    • Reload time increased to 2.4/2.2/2.
    • Reduced player damage from 105/110/115 down to 74/77/80 damage.
    • Reduced structure damage down from 1100 to 400.
    • Explosions now damage structures with no regard for Line of Sight.
    • Guided Missile can also be controlled via keyboard using the default movement inputs.

Guided Missile Update (April 18, 2018)

  • We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around the Guided Missile, in particular concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon. We share your concerns, so we’ve put the Guided Missile into the vault while we figure out the next steps for its future.

Patch 3.5 (April 11, 2018)

Weapons + Items
  • Decreased Guided Missile maximum turn rate by 75%.
  • Reduced Guided Missile movement speed by 15%.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that broke player’s walking / sprinting animations if they were firing a Guided Missile while walking/sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue causing the eliminated player count displaying as zero when spectating a Guided Missile.
  • Fixed the Guided Missile firing animation so that it plays properly while spectating the player that is firing the weapon.
  • Guided Missile weapon fixes:
    • Eliminating a downed player with a Guided Missile no longer reports as a self elimination.
    • Picking up an item at the same time as firing a Guided Missile will no longer cause the picked up item to disappear.
    • Firing a Guided Missile prior to the victory screen displaying will no longer prevent the player from returning to the lobby.
    • Players will now correctly spectate the player that eliminated them instead of spectating their own active missile.
    • While spectating a player that fires a missile, you will now follow the missile instead of the player.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the player to spectate a floating Guided Missile weapon on the starting island if they were eliminated by a missile during the match.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the player from firing a guided missile while riding a guided missile.
    • Fixed an issue causing the player’s name plate to display over the guided missile while controlling it.

Patch 3.4 (March 14, 2018) Weapons + Items

  • Guided Missile added.
    • Stats:
      • Damage to Players: Epic - 105; Legendary - 110; Mythic - 115
      • Damage to Environment: 1000
      • Lifetime: 18 seconds
      • Time Between Shots: 3.13 seconds
      • Rocket Speed: 1300 units/second
      • Rocket Health: 100
    • Take direct control of the missile after it's fired.
    • Once you take on the missile's point-of-view, you’re unable to move your character.
    • Disconnect from the missile at any time, in which the missile will continue its trajectory.
    • Moves slightly slower than a regular rocket but does the same damage.
    • Epic and Legendary rarity.
    • Uses Rocket ammo.
    • Found in Treasure Chests + Supply Drops.

Vault Log

Patch Vault Unvault
3.5 Epic & Legendary
5.1 Epic & Legendary
6.21 Epic & Legendary