Guide:Understanding F.O.R.T. Stats

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F.O.R.T stats are a way of having players improve as they play the game, and keep lower level players from having too easy a time playing if they have high level guns. F.O.R.T. stands for Fortitude, Offense, Resistance, and Tech. F.O.R.T stats can be upgraded in three ways: Skill Trees, Research Trees, and Survivor Squads.

F.O.R.T. Stats also determine your Power Level. Each point in your stats gives some progress towards the next level, so if you're wondering why you can't seem to level up, you now know why.


Survivors are the most important factor to increasing your stats. You can slot survivors in Survivor Squads to increase the stat assigned to the squad, and further increase that by adding a leader matching the squad and the Survivor's personality.

All Survivors and Lead Survivors have a Power Level that can be increased by leveling them up. The Power Level of a survivor is equal to the number of points they give to a squad.


Fortitude increases Health, Health Regen Speed, and Health Regen Delay by 1% per point.


Offense increases your Weapon Damage by 1% per point.


Resistance increases Shield, Shield Regen Speed, and Shield Regen Delay by 1% per point.


Tech increases Trap Damage, Healing Done, Ability Damage, and Gadget Damage and by 1% per point.