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Gotham City (Formerly Tilted Town) was a named Point Of Interest in Battle Royale added in Season X/10, located inside the coordinates D5 and D6, southwest of Loot Lake, north of Shifty Shafts, northeast of Greasy Grove, far south of The Block, far east of Snobby Shores and west of Dusty Depot. It is a large city with many buildings such as a large tower, a destroyed Police Station, a factory complex and more. Additionally, one of the buildings in the POI had a light which shines into the sky and the Batman symbol can be seen.

Like all other rift zones, there is a bubble surrounding the POI. Upon entry of this bubble, all players will gain the ability to redeploy their glider whenever they want.

When you entered the rift bubble, a small overhead message appears on your screen, saying Gotham City: Glide at will.

Points and Sublocations

Gotham City Top View
Gotham Map View.png
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* Click on the map to view geographic sub-locations.

For more details on buildings, visit Gotham City/Buildings

ACE Factories

A factory complex near the edge of the city. A large tub of acidic chemicals can be found in one of the factories, the same one the Joker fell into.

City Hall

The City Hall with classical architecture and grand interiors, the building has parking in the ground floor, much like the No Sweat Insurance Building in Tilted Towers.

Red Building

A small Red Building that has a small branch of No Sweat Insurance in the ground floor, along with a convenience store titled: "Emergency". This Building sits on a piece of land that has not been occupied in any other versions of Tilted.

NOMS Building

a building a with a small branch of NOMS in the ground floor, the building may be designed to reference the noms in Tilted Towers, as it has the same layout and so does the apartment above.

This building also has a pedestrian bridge connecting it to the Destroyed Building across the street.

Monarch Theater

An old cinema that appears to be abandoned. This place was where young Bruce Wayne (Batman) and his parents went to see the movie "Zorro" for his birthday. Later that night, Bruce's parents were killed by a gunman in Crime Alley after leaving the theater.


A hotel that has a very similar design to a 6 story apartment building in Tilted Towers, but the upper floors have a different layout and it is only 5 stories.


An authentic gothic Church, this building has the same design as Haunted Hills.

Destroyed Police Station

A building that appears to have been one of the victims of an attack on the city.

A crater can be found at the building and it is still on fire, one of the Bat-symbol lights can be found on this building, possibly calling for help for the attack.

Wayne Tower

The Wayne Tower from the Batman franchise, it is the tallest building in the city but many of the floors appear to still be under construction.

Destroyed Bank

A bank that appears to have been one of the victims of an attack on the city.

It has all of the same destruction features of the other Destroyed Building but was probably hit by intention by the villain for obvious reasons.

Other Loot Spots


  • Stone Lion
  • Classical Column
  • Gothic Cornice
  • Gargoyle
  • Small Gargoyle
  • Water Tower
  • Emergency Sign
  • Monarch Sign
  • "Wayne Enterprises" Sign
  • City Hall Sign

Map Changes


  • September 21st: Gotham City was added to the map, replacing Tilted Town.


  • A visitor tape recording was added to Gotham City.

The End Event

  • October 13th: Gotham City was sucked into a black hole.


  • The entire location is based off of the Batman franchise.
    • This POI was added in celebration of Batman's 80th anniversary.
  • Many buildings from older POIs have been reused in Gotham City, such as the factories.
  • It is the fourth named POI (technically fifth) with a non-alliterative name. The first three were The Block, Neo Tilted and Moisty Palms.
  • Gotham City is currently the only location on the Battle Royale map to replace 3 locations. Tilted Towers, Neo Tilted and Tilted Town. However, this is the first location in the area to not have the word "Tilted" in it's name. It is also the only one not to include a fish building or Clock Tower.
  • Gotham City is the only named location on the Battle Royale map to replace a location that had a Rift Zone surrounding it.
  • Gotham City is also the only location to have glider redeploy.
  • Gotham City is also the only location to replace a location that replaced a location that replaced a location that was removed. It replaced Tilted Town, which replaced Neo Tilted, which replaced Tilted Towers and it was sucked into a black hole.
  • A lion statue from the City Hall can be found in the game still, at Camp Cod. It could also be from the Open Soccer Stadium.
  • Gotham City is Labeled as "Dark Tilted" in the Creative prefabs, possibly as a Legal Result Between Epic and the DC corporation.
  • Gotham City Is Also The Last Tilted Towers Added To The Map.
  • Gotham City is the only Tilted Towers to not have either "Tilted" or "Towers" in it’s name.
  • Gotham City was the first ever named POI added for a crossover. However, the first crossover POI ever was Pandora, which was added for the Borderlands crossover.