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The Fortnitemares Challenges were an exclusive Chapter 2 Season 1 set of challenges released on October 29th, 2019. The Challenges granted players a total of Season xp icon.png 90,000 XP, a Loading Screen, a Spray, a Banner and a Glider. This was the third Fortnitemares event, the second one to have challenges based off of it.

Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Reward
StormSail.png Complete All 6 Fortnitemares Challenges TheFinalReckoning.png

The Final Reckoning Loading Screen

Destroy haunted household furniture (5) Season xp icon.png 30,000 XP
Leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m (1) Season xp icon.png 30,000 XP
Search a chest in a haunted forest, a ghost town, and a spooky farm (3) Season xp icon.png 30,000 XP
Deal damage to Storm King weak points (10000) KingsWrath.png

King's Wrath Spray

Revive teammates while battling the Storm King (3) Storm-L.png

Storm King Banner

Defeat the Storm King (1) StormSail.png

Storm Sail Glider

Destroy Haunted Household Furniture

Due to the Fortnitemares event, decorations have been set up for Halloween, and multiple decorations have been set up in multiple POI's, and furniture has even began to become haunted and have begun floating. Upon destroying this furniture with a pickaxe or other weapon, the challenge will be completed after five more pieces of furniture are destroyed.

Leap from a Hideout while an opposing player is within 20m

Hideouts have been placed all around the map. Hideouts can be things such as piles of hay to literal garbage bins. If a player hides in a Hideout, and leaves it when a player is 20m away from the Hideout, the challenge will be achieved.

Search a chest in a haunted forest, a ghost town, and a spooky farm

During the Fortnitemares event, the whole entire map has been engulfed in a mysterious fog, causing the map to have an ominous look. When the challenge mentions a haunted forest, it actually means Weeping Woods. When the challenge mentions a ghost town, it actually means an unnamed POI west of Steamy Stacks, called Pristine Point, a small hilltop with multiple destroyed houses. When the challenge mentions a spooky farm, it actually means Frenzy Farm. Once chests have been searched in all these three locations, the reward will be given.

Deal damage to Storm King weak points

In the new Storm King gamemode, a group of players must fight against the Storm King, a boss from Save the World. While fighting the Storm King, directions will be given saying to attack its weak points. Every once in awhile, a part of the Storm King would glow gold. The glowing part would be the weak point. A weak point could appear on the Storm King's chest, sides, and arms.

Revive teammates while battling the Storm King

While fighting the Storm King in the Storm King gamemode, players can be knocked from the Storm King, the Horde, or the Storm. Once players lose all their health in the knocked state, they are defeated for the rest of the match. Other players can still revive those players before they lose all their health, and keep them into the battle.

Defeat the Storm King

The Storm King is a tough but possible challenge, which requires all players to work together to take it down. Players must attack its weak points while at the same time, avoid the Storm King's attacks, along with the Horde and the storm, and also revive knocked teammates. The Storm King has multiple attacks. One of its main attacks is creating a large beam, which injures any player that are close by to it. This attack does massive damage, almost knocking a player, although charges slowly and can be decently avoidable. Some other attacks like throwing boulders, or by simply attacking players too close to it are slightly effective. After its first weak points is attacked enough, the Storm King begins to create obelisks in the ground, summoning the Horde. Once all three weak points have been damaged enough, the Storm King's horns will be vulnerable to attack. Upon destroying the first horn, the Storm King goes through another phase, including an attack that summons meteors in the air. After both horns are destroyed, the Storm King will have a weak point all over it, making it super vulnerable to attacks. When enough damage is done to his health, the Storm King will be defeated, and the Storm Sail umbrella will be rewarded.