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Explore our spookiest stormscape yet! Gothic castles, grim mansions, creepy catacombs, and more await you in the mists of Hexsylvania.
Genre Save the World Event
Release October 26, 2017

Fortnitemares was a Save the World Event introduced in Patch 1.8. The event featured a new mission type called Trap the Storm, 9 Fortnitemares heroes, a slew of Cosplay Survivors, and two new weapons on top of a lengthy Event Questline.

Tickets and Llamas

Players earned Candy icon.png Candy while playing during Fortnitemares. Candy was used to purchase Fortnitemares Llamas at the price of 500 Candy per Llama.

Image Name Cost Caption
Fortnitemares Llama.png Fortnitemares Llama 500 Candy icon.png "Guarantees at least one Epic or better limited time Fortnitemares Survivor or Hero."


The Fortnitemares event introduced the Trap the Storm mission type. Taking place in an entirely new location named Hexsylvania, players were tasked with trapping The Storm in a storm trap to prevent it from seeking out a nefarious character named Vlad. Storm traps were spawned in and around the Hexsylvania Castle, changing the focus of the mission away from building brand new defenses and towards fortifying existing structures.

Fortnitemares Heroes

Fortnitemares Llama Heroes

Event Quests Hero

Fortnitemares Survivors'

Event Weapons

Quest Reward Weapons

Collection Book Reward Weapon

Event Quests

Main article: Event Quests
Quest Name Quest Description Quest Reward


  • Explore the mists of Hexsylvania
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Shadow Boxing

  • Test the Storm Trap
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Vampire Records

  • We need to let the survivors of Hexsylvania know we're here to help. Head out into the mist and spread the word!
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

It's a Vlad Vlad Vlad Vlad World

  • There's something creepy going on with those Vlad statues. Let's knock 'em down!
  • 50 Candy icon.pngCandy

Dungeons n' Dungeons

  • Search the dungeons and catacombs and smash anything evil you see.
  • 50 Candy icon.pngCandy

Mansion Hunter

  • Explore the Mansions of Hexsylvania
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Grave Discoveries

  • Explore the Cemeteries of Hexsylvania
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Hexylvanian Gothic

  • Explore Hexslyvania's Gothic Ruins in successful missions.
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Castle Hunters

  • Explore the castles of Hexsylvania
  • 750 Candy icon.pngCandy

Tours de Corpse

  • Explore the catcombs of Hexsylvania
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Pumpkin Head

  • Kill pumpkin heads
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Memories of Someone Special

  • Even in the shadow of Vlad's storm, there is still light. A kind, talented, and driven artist once lived in this land. Collect the fragments of her composition, and return her music to Hexsylvania.
  • 100 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Lok's Book of Monsters: Vampire Takers

  • Is it just me, or are the takers here a little vampirey? Kill some Vampire Takers, and collect samples.
  • 100 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Vlad World

  • Complete Hexsylvania quests

Bloodfinder A.C. Training

  • Level up Bloodfinder A.C.

Outlander Monster Rumble!

  • Kill mist monsters as Bloodfinder A.C.

Ashes to Ashes

  • Search fireplaces in Hexsylvania for historical records
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Hex Files

  • Harvest laboratory equipment
  • 20 Pure drop of rain icon.pngPure Drops of Rain

Leaving Less Cages

  • Destroy cages
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy


  • Destroy graves that have a high storm concentration
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Curse the Darkness

  • Collect Vladimentium Ore
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

The Evil Shed

  • Clear Hexsylvanian shacks
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks


  • Destroy Vlad's thrones
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Home of the Grave

  • Find Vlad's coffin before the storm does.

The Eight

  • Destroy Chess sets
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

The Sting

  • Destroy fancy bee huts
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Vlad Luck

  • Harvest mirrors to collect mirror fragments
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks


  • Search for Vlad's final resting place.
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Interview with the Vlad Pyre

  • Deploy SAW-Bot at the Gothic Ruins in Hexsylvania.

Bat Out of Bell

  • Destroy Hexsylvanian bells
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Stop Signs

  • The signs seem to be directing survivors to the most dangerous places imaginable. We should fix that.
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Aromatic for the People

  • Collect garlic for survival kits.
  • 250 Candy icon.pngCandy

Stakes, Well Done

  • Collect wooden stakes for survival kits.
  • 50 V-bucks icon.pngV-Bucks

Loot Drop

  • Distribute survival kits
  • Grave digger icon.pngGrave Digger Transform Key

Epic Monster Bash!

  • Complete the Hex Files quests