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General Information

This is a tournament each month for the top 5 editors on the Fortnite Gamepedia wiki. Rankings will be based of of this list, which shows all users Wikipoints for that specific month.


  • The top 5 editors each month based on the chart above will earn a themed achievement relating to their placement! The achievements will be themed after Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary, and will be awarded on the first day of the next month. They will have that specific month's Fortnite Crew Featured Skin on them, along with a gradient background relating to their Rarity! Each achievement will have the following amount of wiki points bundled:
    • 1st Place = 500
    • 2nd Place = 400
    • 3rd Place = 300
    • 4th Place = 200
    • 5th Place = 100
  • Every month's winners will get a shoutout on this page indefinently unless they tell Videogj they don't want the shoutout!
  • The previous month's winners will get a shoutout on the popup at the top of the screen next to the discord popup for the next month after they earn the award unless they tell Videogj they don't want the shoutout! Good luck!

How To Participate

Only registered Fandom accounts will be able to participate. All you need to do to participate is to have an account, and earn enough Wikipoints on this wiki on that account. To check your current ranking, go to your user page, and it will say your rank on the right side of the page!


Edits have to be helpful, not edit spamming, and not finding ways to spam edits. Follow all wiki guidelines. Bot accounts like User:VideogjBot are not allowed in the monthly challenge, due to the high amount of edits they put out with little/no work.


For any additional information, please contact Videogj on their comments/talk page.


If you win, congratulations! If you would like your shoutout, stop reading here. If you would prefer not to, keep reading.

  • Check for a comment under your profile on your user page from Videogj. The comment will congratulate you!
  • If you would not like the shoutout, respond saying that you would not like the shoutout. You will recieve the shoutout, unless you tell Videogj that you would not like the shoutout.

Winning Users

January 2021

February 2021