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Map Changes

Season 1

  • Initially, Fortnite had a 7x7 grid instead of a 10x10 grid. Therefore, F8 did not exist yet. It's counterpart was E6, as it covered most of the same ground.

Season 2

  • The coordinate grid switched from 7x7 to a 10x10 grid.
  • F8 was added to the Fortnite map, covering up most of Fatal Fields.

Season 4

  • A piece of the Meteor landed near Fatal Fields, creating a small crater filled with Hop Rocks.

Season 5

  • The small crater has been patched up, and grass is growing over it.
  • The CUBE has entered north of Fatal Fields, and destroyed the shack that stood in it's path.

Season 6

  • A corrupted zone has appeared where the CUBE once stood north of Fatal Fields.

Season 7

  • The corrupted zone has for the most part has vanished. All that remains of it are unusual patches of grass.
  • A small portion of F8 has been covered in snow due to the Iceberg crashing into the map.

Season 8

  • Two small ditches in the shape of a fork and a knife, dubbed by most players as the Fork Knife, has appeared in the area that the Corrupted Zone once stood.

Season 9

  • A slipstream has been constructed going through Fatal Fields.

Season X

  • The slipstream going through Fatal Fields has been removed. F8 is brought back into it's Season 8 form.


  • A Rift Beacon has been constructed in Fatal Fields.


  • The Floating Island that traveled across the Corrupted Areas in Season 6 has been brought back via the Rift Beacon.
  • September 4th: The Floating Island has left F8, and will travel across the entire map.


  • October 13th: The Floating Island has made it back to it's starting point, just above Fatal Fields.
  • The F8 coordinate was sucked into the Black Hole during The End Event.

Chapter 2 - Season 1

  • The F8 coordinate has made it to the new map, and is now the new home of Mount F8, a very large snowy mountain, and a small portion of Camp Cod, a small area home to all of the pieces of the Chapter 1 map that survived the Black Hole.


  • Mount F8, the landmark in which is now the primary location of this coordinate, is named after the coordinate it resides in. It's also a play on words of the word "Fate".