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An inactive Encampment

Encampments are side objectives in Save the World. They appear as purple crypt-like towers surrounded by several sleeping Husks. They are activated by approaching the Encampment or waking the husks that surround it. Activating the Encampment spawns a large number of husks and occasionally Mist Monsters that the player must kill in order to complete the Encampment.

They are the main objective for the Mission type Destroy the Encampments, which requires the player to complete at least 5 Encampments of increasing size within a 20-minute time limit.


The only requirement to completing an Encampment is killing all of the husks and Mist Monsters that it spawns. If even one husk is still alive, for example inside a building nearby, the Encampment does not count as complete. Killing all the monsters causes the Encampment to explode and drop reward caches.

Walking outside a certain radius of the Encampment deactivates the Encampment, de-spawning all husks and resetting the Encampment. This allows players to escape Encampments that they do not wish to undertake, but players must be careful not to leave the radius if they do intend to complete the Encampment, as resetting the encampment forces the player to kill the full number of husks spawned by the encampment over again. A notice is displayed to the player when they are near the edge of the radius.


The rewards granted by the Encampment depend on the size of the Encampment. The reward type and Encampment size can be seen by putting the crosshairs over the Encampment. Rewards may include caches of Ammunition, Wood, Stone, Metal, or Traps.