Dusty Diner

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Dusty Diner
Dusty diner sign.png
Genre Companies
Release Season 5

Dusty Diner (Formerly The Remains of Dusty Depot) was a restaurant north outside of Dusty Divot. Dusty Diner replaced the remains of Dusty Depot in Season 5, Patch v5.40. The red warehouse had been turned into a restaurant, while the other warehouse was turned into a museum, explaining the big crater which was in the ground.

It was replaced in Season 10 with the former Dusty Depot.


Points and Sublocations

Dusty Diner Top View
Dusty diner top view.png
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  • Shop: 1 chest and 1 ammo box.
  • Museum: 1 chest and 2 ammo boxes.
  • Diner: 3 chests and 2 ammo boxes.
    Dusty diner restraunt.png

Sub Locations

  • Parking Lot: 1 Chest

Map Changes


  • Dusty Diner was added to the map, replacing the red warehouse.


  • December 1st: The food trucks are now at the Dusty Diner near Dusty Divot.


  • December 25th: Dusty Diner was covered in snow for Christmas Day.
  • December 26th: The snow disappeared.


  • January 19th: Dusty Diner was covered in snow in the aftermath of the Ice Storm Event.


  • January 31st: The snow melted from Dusty Diner.