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Deadpool's Hand Cannons
Deadpool's hand cannon icon.png
Category Battle Royale Weapons
Introduced Patch 12.30
Vaulted Patch 13.00

Deadpool's Hand Cannons are Pistols in Battle Royale, they use Medium Bullets and have a headshot multiplier of x1.62. They are a part of the Fortnite × Deadpool collab. They can be obtained by defeating Deadpool in The Yacht. It also drops with The Yacht Vault Keycard which you get open the Vault full of loot. Deadpool's Hand Cannons work very similar to the ordinary Dual Pistols. However, when damaging a opponent or henchmen with them, the player is granted 3 health/shield as a Mythic bonus. (or 6 health/shield for 2 bullets since you can't fire only one Hand Cannon.)

At the start of Chapter 2 Season 3, Deadpool's Hand Cannons got vaulted.


Deadpool's Hand Cannons
Deadpool's hand cannon icon.png
Bullet Type Medium bullets icon.png
DPS 111.09
Damage 21
Fire Rate 5.29
Magazine Size 18
Reload Time 2.2
Structure Damage 21
Total Healing 3 effective health per hit


Rarity Eliminating a Boss
Mythic ✅ (Deadpool at The Yacht)


Patch Mythic
Since 12.30 Deadpool's hand cannon icon.png


  • After knocking down henchmen or players with stronger weapons, you can shoot the knocked down henchman or player to gain health/shields if you don't have healing items.
  • The Deadpool's Hand Cannons are not recommended to fight against any weapon because it has bad accuracy, a small magazine size and a firerate that is quite slow. (Except weak ones like Common Pistols.) Plus, it only deals 21 damage and even a Common Submachine Gun can beat the Deadpool's Hand Cannons with its firerate.


  • The Mythic bonus of the Deadpool's Hand Cannons is likely a reference to Deadpool's quick regeneration factor.
  • Although the Deadpool's Hand Cannons have "Hand Cannon" in their name, it doesn't use Heavy Bullets. Instead, they use Medium Bullets like Dual Pistols.
    • However, they might be called that because that's how the Desert Eagle pistols are called in the game.