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Challenge Games was a named POI in Battle Royale added in Season 6 located in the coordinate E5, southeast of Loot Lake, west of Dusty Divot, just east of Tilted Towers, north of Dusty Mountain, and far south of Lazy Links. It was a flying POI only available in the Playground Mode. It was filled with creative challenge prefabs. (Such as the Checkpoint Pad)

Map Changes

Season 6


  • Challenge Games was added.

Season 7


  • Challenge Games were removed.


  • Challenge Games is the first/only named POI to be exclusive to an LTM.
  • Despite Playground mode being added in Chapter 2, Challenge Games did not return.
  • In terms of Playground Mode, Challenge Games was the highest point on the Athena Island. Mount Kay is the highest POI on the Apollo island.



A player standing on Challenge Games