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Calamity Challenges were an exclusive Season 6 set of challenge for Battle Pass holders. Unlike the Omega and Carbide challenges, the Calamity Challenges can be completed even after the season end. The rewards for the challenges consists of multiple style options for Calamity.

Challenges & Rewards

Challenge Reward
T UI ChallengeTile Calamity.png Gain Season xp icon.png 10,000 XP CalamityProgressiveStage1.png
Calamity Stage 1 Style
Gain Season xp icon.png 25,000 XP CalamityProgressiveStage2.png
Calamity Stage 2 Style
Gain Season xp icon.png 50,000 XP CalamityProgressiveStage3.png
Calamity Stage 3 Style
Gain Season xp icon.png 100,000 XP CalamityProgressiveStage4.png
Calamity Stage 4 Style
Gain Season xp icon.png 200,000 XP CalamityProgressiveStage5.png
Calamity Stage 5 Style
Complete 10 Weekly Challenges CalamityClothingColorTeal.png
Calamity Teal Clothing Style
Complete 25 Weekly Challenges CalamityClothingColorPurple.png
Calamity Purple Clothing Style
Complete 50 Weekly Challenges CalamityClothingColorBlack.png
Calamity Black Clothing Style